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2024 News Updates

Vividata, Consumer Orbit Launch New Firm and Products

In Toronto, Canada, consumer insights and cross-platform audience measurement provider Vividata has announced a strategic partnership with data solutions and data science company Consumer Orbit ...

How do different generations
perceive and respond to OOH?

A new cross-generational COMMB report was created to help advertisers build campaigns that bridge demographics ...

Nearly 40% of Canadians watch streaming exclusively: Vividata

The newest Study of the Canadian Consumer dives into the country's media consumption habits ...

Canadian Geographic Secures
Top Spotas #1 Paid Magazine
in Canada with 4.3M monthly

Canadian Geographic is now the country's number one paid magazine, with a monthly readership of 4.3M people online and in print according to Vividata ...

75 Significant Esports Statistics:
2024 Market, Viewership & Investment Growth

Esports was once just a subset of the gaming industry. However, it eventually grew to become an industry of its own. Now, ...

What does it mean for Canada if
TikTok is banned in America?

Agency leaders react to the news that the popular social network might cease operating as we know it ...

Digital consumer insights are just
heating up with the release of
Vividata’s latest database

Vividata just released their new SCC/Digital Database for Winter 2024, featuring key metrics and digital behaviour for visits to nearly 4,000 websites and apps ...

Emotions, motivators and drivers:
what matters most in marketing

Today's show is a little different. It's not your standard interview style discussion, because today's guest is not our standard guest. He is an Emmy Award winner, an entrepreneur, inventor, and researcher ...

Vividata dives into automotive and travel shoppers

The latest report shows that while auto sales are down, the number of Canadians intending to buy increased by 80% ...

Understanding what drives Canada’s sports fans

Vividata's Sports and Esports database can help marketers evolve their playbooks ...

Vividata releases its
Study of the Canadian Consumer
Winter 2024

Two new Ontario markets have been added to Vividata’s annual cross-media, product, brand and attitudinal study ...

Fewer Canadians shopping online:
Vividata study

The firm's research also revealed good news for the auto and cosmetics industries ...

Magazines still have a home

As newspapers decrease, magazines continue to evolve, reaching and connecting with readers ...

To save Canadian local media, end tax deductions for advertising on foreign digital media

Local media are essential contributors to the cultural and economic livelihood of the communities they serve. They also fulfill an essential mission ...

Vividata releases its first
Study of the Canadian Consumer
report for 2024

Vividata, Canada’s leading media and consumer research firm, today released their latest study results ...

Media giants and media buyers
dive into the proliferation of ad tiers

The golden age of stream-vertising is coming to life across entertainment platforms ...

2023 News Updates

Holiday celebrations help
newcomers feel at home

The Vividata 2023 Multicultural Study says holiday celebrations help newcomers connect with their heritage and make Canada feel like home ...

How Coors Light Is Helping Raptors
Fans Get Cozy All Season Long

The 2023/2024 NBA season is underway, and as the official beer of the Toronto Raptors, Coors Light has found a new way to keep Torontonians ready ...

Beyond Demographics: Unlocking consumers’ motivations

Vividata and RMT roll out 'Drivers,' providing deep insights into Canadian consumers' subconscious....

COMMB and Vividata expand
their partnership

This expanded partnership provides COMMB with greater access to cross-media and consumer profiles through Vividata's SCC/Digital releases ...

A snapshot of the Canadian newcomer

Vividata's latest reports dives into the demographics and media habits of a growing cohort ...

Vividata’s fall report shows
streamers up 57% since 2021

The measurement co's latest report shows that the popularity of streaming content is continuing to rise unabated, both on the video and audio fronts ...

How sustainability is impacting
Gen Z’s purchase decisions

Vividata finds that the trend is being driven by both style and finances ...

Vividata explores how Canadians
are responding to Bill C-18

The blocking of Canadian news on social platforms is most noticeable and concerning to younger adults ...

The consumption (and purchase)
habits of Canada’s 60-plus age group

Recent Vividata research finds that the demo are more likely to spend on home renovations and modifications as they plan to age in place ...

Two thirds of Canadians bought from Amazon in the past year

Vividata's latest shopper study also found that groceries aren't the only area where Canadians want to cut back on spending...

What is the right budget balance
between linear and connected TV?

Both channels have their benefits, so how does one get the upside of one without sacrificing the other?...

Vividata releases first Summer Study
of the Canadian Consumer since 2018

Vividata has released their new SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer for Summer 2023, helping provide useful data on the lives of Canadians four times a year instead of just three...

Samsung Ads releases new products for gaming, streaming segmentation

According to Vividata, connected TV penetration in Canada increased more than 46% with adults between 2020 and 2022, particularly with men. TV viewing continues to shift...

The Black Hole in
Marketing Science

Vividata DRIVERS are the embodiment of RMT Motivations. In the Canada market, brands can now test cradle-to-grave management of brand motivations, in creative, in media...

A snapshot of the
Canadian newcomer

Vividata's latest reports dives into the demographics and media habits of a growing cohort...

Vividata releases first summer SCC since 2018

The data set includes several areas of expanded info, especially when it comes to TV viewing habits and preferences...

Vividata extends its data reach with Connected Interactive

SCC variables and insights will be used to develop programmatic audience segments...

Leveraging Relationships Among Attention, Motivation and Incremental Brand Sales

I see the industry’s current focus on attention as a good thing, mainly because it has finally broken the logjam in studying the psychology of how advertising really works...

The importance of cross-media measurement

Jackie Rousseau-Anderson and Pat Pellegrini discuss the latest industry trends and growth opportunities in data analytics and consumer insights, highlighting Vividata's leadership in cross-media measurement and high-quality research...

Insights Association Canadian Chapter Returns to In-Person Events with Cultural Intelligence

In early May, the Insights Association Canada Chapter (ICAA) presented its Cultural Intelligence event at George Brown...

Dove’s dose of truth

The skincare brand spotlights shocking statistics about teen girls’ use of cosmetic injections with an innovative billboard installation made from syringes...

Magazines and newspapers still reach a vast majority of Canadians

Vividata's spring update also finds that while people are spending more time with audio content, podcasting is taking a greater share from radio ...

More Canadians are streaming-only, but notice less ads than on linear TV

Vividata's Spring 2023 update also finds the average Canadian now spends 25 hours online every week ...

YouTube reaching 85 per cent of Canadians monthly, says Vividata report

YouTube is reaching over three times as many Canadians, 18+, as Netflix, according to Vividata’s Digital Consumer Update for Winter 2023 ...

The platforms and apps with the most reach in Canada

Vividata goes deep into the websites, social media, streaming services and online stores most popular with Canadians ...

Painting a Unique Picture of Digital Users: Environics Analytics Launches Opticks Digital Powered by Vividata

Environics Analytics (EA) today announced the launch of Opticks Digital Powered by Vividata ...

Diverse communities are more active with online video

Vividata's latest survey looks at the media habits of Black, Chinese and South Asian Canadians...

How Canadian Advertising Can Better Adapt to Tomorrow’s Sports Viewership Trends

Starcom’s Stephany Sousa discusses the company’s latest report on the evolution of sports, and how the industry can adapt ...

Printed newspapers a preference of ‘Gen Z’ Canadians, research shows

Although it might sound counterintuitive to popular talking points, new research shows that the so-called ‘death’ of newspapers might be overprescribed...

Canadians still like newspapers and magazines

Vividata, a media and consumer research firm, recently released its Winter 2023 study results, including media consumption habits. Here’s a few highlights ...

Newspapers and magazines still have broad audiences in Canada

Vividata finds the elusive Gen Z demographic is also a big fan of printed content...

Streaming, connected TV ownership continues to rise

Vividata's winter study also finds which services and channels are tops with both streaming and traditional TV viewers...

What does the online gambling audience actually look like?

Vividata goes deep on who is visiting gambling sites and the other platforms they are active on...

La radio conventionnelle demeure populaire selon l’ÉCC de Vividata

Vividata publie les derniers résultats de son étude. Sur le terrain d’octobre 2021 à septembre 2022, l’ÉCC de Vividata | Étude des consommateurs canadiens | Hiver 2023 est l’étude multimédia, produits, attitudes et marques la plus complète au Canada...

75 Significant Esports Statistics: 2023 Market, Viewership & Investment Growth

Esports was once just a subset of the gaming industry. However, it eventually grew to become an industry of its own. Now, the esports industry has been seeing tremendous growth in the past years, both in revenue and viewership. While these two are largely interconnected, esports statistics show...

Canada: Movie theatre attendance by generation

During a study carried out in Canada from July 2020 to June 2021, around 37.4 percent of respondents from Generation Z said they had gone to the movies during...

2022 News Updates

GroupM signs on for Vividata's SCC/Digital Database

The agency group and its clients will have access to survey and behaviour data from more than 42,000 respondents...

The Canadian Cannabis market still has room to grow

Vividata finds there have been 3.5 million new users in two years, with high growth among older consumers...

Ad-supported streaming is a tougher sell in Quebec than the rest of Canada

A new report from Vividata and PHD dives into who is most open to more affordable subscriptions...

Opinion: News remains as important as ever

News isn't disappearing, it's very alive. It's how news gets to us that is changing...

Flyers deliver value for Canadians and advertisers, research shows

Printed flyers remain highly effective in today’s digital world and can be more immediate than a digital app. However, the future is about print AND digital to unlock maximum ROI...

Vividata: The Canadian Organization Ushering In A New Era For Consumer Data Analytics

Data has fast become the buzzword for companies that are vying for territory in today's increasingly digitized, post-pandemic world. In Canada, which is home to one of the largest advertising markets on the planet, data has become a highly sought-after commodity - one that can often dictate the success of an entire organization...

Vividata Announces Plans to Become the Number One Source of Digital Consumer and Audience Insights in 2023

Toronto-based consumer data provider, Vividata, has revealed that it is setting out to establish itself as the industry-leading source of audience insights...

TV & Film News – One in five English-speaking Canadians has ‘cut the cord’

Vividata’s newly-released Fall 2022 insights on cross media and consumer behaviour find that almost half of Canadians are watching content on a smart TV...

Les médias ne meurent jamais, ils évoluent

Il y a plus d’un siècle, un article est paru dans le numéro de mars 1922 du magazine spécialisé Radio News se vantant de prédire un avenir proche où « la diffusion des nouvelles par radiotéléphone aurait depuis longtemps supplanté le journal quotidien ». Cela vous fait penser à quelque chose?...

Vividata Launches Multicultural Study Aimed at Improving Marketing Inclusivity in Canada

Vividata, the Toronto-based consumer insights organization, has announced that it will be introducing a new study, which will gather data on Black, Chinese and South Asian Canadians. The purpose of this new database will be to help advertising agencies and marketers to understand these groups' media behavior and attitudes...

Vividata finds smart TV, mobile content use continues to grow

Almost half of Canadians are watching content on a smart TV, according to Vividata’s newly-released Fall 2022 insights on cross media and consumer behaviour...

Internet spending: Zoomers lead all age groups

Think the Zoomer population isn’t tech savvy? It’s by far the largest age group online, and last year led every other age group in Canada in online spending, racking up over $1.2 billion in purchases...

5 insights about the travel and tourism industry in Quebec in 2022

How much traffic does a bank website get?

Vividata's latest data release also dives into which ads are more likely to be noticed by those in need of financial advice...

Streaming statistics: Each Canadian is expected to spend an average of $157 on streaming services in 2022

Canadians love to be entertained. Whether it’s tuning into their favourite TV show, watching a movie, listening to music or playing the trendiest video game, we are a nation that loves to see, watch and experience the latest and best that on-demand home entertainment offers...

Pat Pellegrini: Canada’s Most Comprehensive Consumer Research

Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source for insights on cross-media and consumer behaviour and the leading provider of cross-platform audience measurement. Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian media companies, agencies and advertisers...

More Canadians regularly watch streaming video than linear TV

More Canadians regularly watch streaming video than linear TV...

How are betting websites faring with Canadians?

Vividata's spring survey finds Bet365 is the most popular, though provincial lottery sites beat out other competitors...

Is at-home fitness still relevant?

From the C-Suite newsletter: To hold their ground post-pandemic, brands like Peloton and Mirror should avoid mimicking gyms...

Beyond cookies: Understanding the new marketing measurement paradigm

Despite the fact that it was myself and my team at Adviso who were among the first to popularize the term “cookie apocalypse” as recently as four years ago, today I’d like to be among the first to say we need to stop using it...

Why the growth of connected TV makes Netflix ads so appealing

Despite increased competition in streaming, a wealth of data and subscribers makes any advertising on the platform a serious opportunity...

How to reach Canadian sports fans

TSN, Sportsnet, and theScore are the top three sports websites visited by Canadians, according to Vividata's new report...

How to reach Canadians planning holiday getaways

Canadians pay most attention to TV and streaming video ads

The forgotten art of psychology in advertising

How does the meal kit industry gain post-pandemic traction?

Six out of ten Canadian readers access content through mobile devices

Canadians spend 21 hours a week watching TV and video content

The Globe and Mail’s readers are ready to travel in 2022

New Vividata readership study to be released next week

Digital Audio Advertising vs. Radio Advertising

Kruger partners with House & Home to reach the design-savvy

The COC shows anyone can embody Olympic values

Meal kits: are they a passing fad or here to stay?

Strong viewership of the Beijing Winter Olympics expected despite controversy

Strong viewership of the Beijing Winter Olympics expected despite controversy

2021 News Updates

More Canadians follow the NHL than any other sports league

How to reach techies and fashionistas this holiday

Readership for news content is holding steady

The subtle differences between English and French media habits

Young and BIPOC Canadians more likely to be heavy mobile internet users

Automotive, betting and gaming sites have gotten big traffic boosts

[Overseas Immigration] The higher the salary and the higher the degree, the more the want to immigrate to Canada. This year, the number of family reunion immigrants has increased

Immigration to Canada | The second half of the year's upward trend is expected to become the second most popular country for the outflow of Hong Kong people

Mainland China, Hong Kong, 20% of adults want to move abroad "Political situation worsening is also a factor

Political instability is one of the main reasons why 20% of Chinese adults want to immigrate overseas

1.5 million people in Hong Kong plan to emigrate, China's financial tsunami is approaching

One-fifth of Chinese and Hong Kong adults who want to immigrate overseas are the most popular in the United States and Canada

How mental health factors into cannabis use

69 million Chinese adults would like to move to Canada

Newcomers to Canada consume more digital media: report

Home Modification in a Longevity Economy - Part 2

Magazine reach is dipping but newspapers are holding fast

Newspapers holding strong, new Vividata report says

Home Modification in a Longevity Economy - Part 1

National Survey Shows Canadians Overwhelmingly Want to Age at Home; Just One-Quarter of Seniors Expect to Do So

National Survey Shows Canadians Overwhelmingly Want to Age at Home; Just One-Quarter of Seniors Expect to Do So

National Survey Shows Canadians Overwhelmingly Want to Age at Home; Just One-Quarter of Seniors Expect to Do So

Canadians of colour open to cannabis use, survey suggests

Twenty percent of Canadian adults have used food delivery services: study

McCann Canada to lead creative for SkiptheDishes

Behind the Uber Eats IG integration

One quarter of Canadian cannabis users use it as a sleep aid

Douglas Todd: The 'diversity' beat is full of surprises, often conservative

Vividata Uncovers Media, Canadians’ Habits During Pandemic

Canada: daily newspaper reach in major markets

How the pandemic has continued to impact media consumption: study

How to reach Canada’s eight million college football fans

Douglas Todd: Chinese consumers swiftly changing Vancouver, Toronto

Douglas Todd: In Canada, South Asians four times as likely to buy a home

2020 News Updates

Bayview Village keeps Lunar New Year prosperous

How to reach Canada’s eight million college football fans

Vivintel offers media snapshot of Chinese Canadians

Podcast listening is on the rise and increasingly female

A glimpse into South Asian Canadians’ media habits

Innovations in media measurement, accelerated by COVID, establish new normal

More than three-quarters of Canadians use flyers to plan grocery purchases

Legal cannabis was considered a crazy industry until the pandemic hit us hard

One in five Canadians use a food delivery service in a given month

Jays may have lost the Playoffs, but fan loyalty is good news for sponsors

It’s time for brands to look closer at women’s sports

Women’s Sports Inventory in Demand – Where’s the Supply?

How Can Dashboards Empower Good Leadership?

Retailers Must Track E-Listening Habits to Stay Relevant

Millions of esports enthusiasts overlap with traditional sports fans

How do esports fandoms compare to traditional sports?

TV ads get noticed the most by sports/esports fans, says study

Female teams, esports and other growth areas for sports fans

Vividata partnering with Ipsos to launch mobile-first audience measurement system

Cannabis Retail Thrives on E-tail, Education, and Experience in Canada

Vividata and Ipsos team up on Canadian audience measurement

Vividata and Ipsos to launch mobile ad measurement in 2021

Vividata and Ipsos Launch Canadian Audience Measure

Vividata and Ipsos team up on Canadian audience measurement

Vividata, Ipsos expand research partnership

Vividata: Baby Boomers more likely to access digital newspaper content directly

Cannabis Standards Rely on Transparency, Compliance and Collaboration

NOW Magazine Print Readership Continues to Climb Furthering Opportunities to Monetize Through Digital Transformation

TikTok experiments further with shopping

Survey provides pre-Covid-19 snapshot of media consumption in Canada

Expected increase in delivery is coming to pass

Can police test drivers for impairment for cannabis based on odour alone?

The Daily Hit of cannabis financial news for March 30, 2020

Cannabis Standards Rely on Transparency, Compliance and Collaboration

Can Police Search Cars For Marijuana Based On Odor Alone?

Here’s Why Canadians Are Choosing Edibles Over Smoking Marijuana

Legal Marijuana - Now That the Smoke Has Cleared

Challenges and Opportunities for Cannabis Retail in Canada Post-Legalization

How do Chinese consumers shop in Canada?

Has streaming actually changed the way we consume content?

Vividata switches it up at the board level

Cannabis Technology Accelerates Access To Consumer And Medical Research

Chinese Consumers Drive Luxury Retail Growth in Canada: Study

2019 News Updates

Vividata, Manifold Link for Canadian Consumer Insights

Vividata strikes new partnership for greater granularity

Brands get out early for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

The opportunity in Singles’ Day (and other Chinese shopping festivals)

As Singles Day approaches, Vivintel releases a study of Chinese consumers

Canadians find a replacement for pain medications: cannabis

The Next Big Thing in measurement

Culture shifts in global cannabis

This Study Looks At How Canadians Use Cannabis For Health And Wellness

Vividata introducing passive measurement panel

Vividata launches “game-changing” passive mobile measurement panel in Canada

Vividata, RealityMine, Ipsos and Delvinia launch passive panel in Canada

Vividata goes cross-platform with new passive measurement panel

How have cannabis attitudes changed post-legalization?

Vivintel breaks down Canadian esports market

Print magazines strong, but millennials could shake things up: study

How does e-sports’ reach compare to traditional sports?

Where do consumers notice ads the most?

2018 News Updates

The Role of Magazines at Retail: A Reader-and-Buyer Study

Nearly half of Canadian newspaper readers view articles on mobile, says study

Globe readership grows, most read in Canada

How the Lethbridge Herald is adapting to a changing media landscape

Comscore and Vividata Link for Canadian Launch

2017 News Updates

Pellegrini Named CEO of Not-for-Profit Vividata

Globe’s audience largest in Canada: survey

The Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest hold strong at the top for Vividata

2016 News Updates

The Globe has Canada's largest weekly newspaper readership: cross-platform study

Vividata gives Canadian newspapers and magazines a fresh way to measure audiences

A one-year picture of Canadian readership

Vividata reveals readership stats on Canadian media

Vividata releases first year results


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