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As cases of COVID-19 spread globally and the federal government addresses the pandemic and citizen concerns, the demand for news and information is clear.

Canadians are actively informing themselves on COVID-19 using multiple sources whether they be the websites of government or global health institutions, Canadian news brands, or YouTube.

Beyond seeking out general news and updates regarding the pandemic and the increased number of cases, Canadians are especially concerned about the local impact and the interruption to events and services.

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Visits to News Websites

An aggregate of top news brand websites in Canada indicates the increasing demand for well informed news. Across all major news services, news websites are seeing an extensive increase in traffic as Canadians seek out the latest updates and stories regarding COVID-19.

Viewing of News on

Over the first quarter of 2020, YouTube has seen a steady news audience building up into mid-March with a peak on March 18, the day PM Trudeau announced the Canada/US border closure. Even with competition from news on radio, digital news publishers, and giant home screens with Canadians in self-isolation, YouTube is still seeing major traffic for news related to the pandemic.

Visits to & 

The websites of major health organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are experiencing a substantial increase in visitation as citizens look to these health organizations for ways to safeguard themselves from COVID-19.

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