Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer is Canada’s authoritative single-source database for leading advertisers, agencies and media companies for timely consumer and audience insights. Our Study of the Canadian Consumer is a comprehensive study that surveys 35,000+ Canadians 365 days a year against 60,000+ variables.

Since Vividata’s inception in 2015, we have surveyed more than 100,000 Canadians in 40+ urban centres and other small communities across Canada. Throughout that period the Study of the Canadian Consumer has been in field for over 1,000 days.

No matter the industry, our Study of the Canadian Consumer has data that you can use to better understand and reach your target consumer.

Survey Details

  1. Rolling 52-week online Survey sample
  2. Probability-based Recruitment
  3. Telephone recruitment to online survey completion
  4. Interviewing 35,000+ respondents (aged 14+) over 365 days a year
  5. National and 40+ local markets (English/French)
Consumer Insights
  • Enhanced demographics
  • Cross-media and cross-platform audience data
  • Behavioural, psychographic and socio-economic insights
  • Lifestyle and category segments
  • Brand, product, and retail consumer information across all major product and service categories
Data release Quarterly data updates
Data delivery Desktop and cloud-based reporting tools

Key Benefits

  • Size the market and audience for your brand, and understand the competitive landscape
  • Discover consumer segments that are a current or potential market for your brand
  • Uncover the media channels and specific content that matter most for your brand, and determine the best cross-media and cross-platform strategy with one database
  • Develop astute audience and consumer profiles for more effective marketing strategies, creative campaigns, media planning and media sales

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