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Vividata Segmentations provide users with an opportunity to have a better understanding of Canadians who share specific attributes.

The segmentation models utilize a rich set of quantitative data based on behavioural and attitudinal questions that are included in either our Survey of the Canadian Consumer, our Custom Studies, or our Syndicated Studies. Our general modeling process is based on the following steps:

  1. Depending on the nature of the segmentation, we would focus on either
    attitudinal, behavioural, or sociodemographic variables.
  2. Once dimensions (e.g. through principal component analysis) are defined, we apply several segmentation algorithms to select the most accurate model and aim to maximize the separation between each segment.
  3. We then profile each segment against a full list of behavioural and attitudinal questions to confirm that differences between segments are based on key behavioural and attitudinal variables.

For unique needs, we examine specific attitudes within a broader list of attitudinal questions through exploratory analysis.

Key Benefits:

  • Determine market opportunities for specific consumers
  • Gain necessary insights for a tailor-made marketing strategy
  • Understand the expectations of specific consumers

Ready to dig into the data?

Our reports will help you dig deeper into the consumers of your brand, and paint a vivid picture of the Canadian Consumer. Contact us today, to learn more about membership and purchasing our studies.


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