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A Custom Study is a tailor-made Vividata survey to obtain key insights for your specific business needs.

Custom studies by Vividata allow you to take a closer look at your audience or consumer. Vividata specialists in survey development, data-integration, data-fusion, and data analysis, help you navigate through the complex seas of survey research. We help you make sense of complex datasets so you can build strategies that engage with your consumers.


  • Survey, methodology and sample design
  • Fielding of consumer research studies, re-contact studies or online tracking
  • Customized segmentation development
  • Quick turn-around for data delivery
  • Delivery of respondent and/or panel-level data
  • Data delivery to third party providers such as Nielsen, Telmar and Dapresy
  • Fusing a Custom Study to Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer or a proprietary database

Key Benefits:

  • Gain deeper insights to address specific business needs
  • Analyze a Custom Study’s metrics against 60,000+ variables with a data-fusion to our Survey of the Canadian Consumer
  • Results from a Custom Study are only available to you, providing you with a data-driven competitive advantage

Ready to dig into the data?

Our reports will help you dig deeper into the consumers of your brand, and paint a vivid picture of the Canadian Consumer. Contact us today, to learn more about membership and purchasing our studies.


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