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Toronto, ON, Thursday, April 8th, 2021 – Vividata, Canada’s leading media and consumer research firm, has released their Winter 2021 SCC Metrica Fusion Database. Merging Vividata’s Winter 2021 Survey of the Canadian Consumer (SCC) with Metrica's passive measurement of digital consumers, the new fusion database captures consumer behaviour both online and off, informing researchers, marketers, and strategists alike with a more complete view of the Canadian consumer during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Building off the success of Vividata’s first fusion to the Spring 2020 SCC, the new SCC Metrica Fusion Database allows subscribers to:

•   Match online metrics to real world data during the COVID-19 pandemic
From leisure activities, to consumer habits, to media usage, and more, subscribers can get a complete look at the lives of Canadians with data that delves into their behaviour, both online and off.

•   Spark insights with powerful psychographics  
Peek into the mindset of the Canadian consumer with powerful psychographic statements designed to spark insights from topics like finance, health and wellness, society and politics, media use, automotive, and more.

•   Segment, target, and inform to greater effect
Using a groundbreaking, world-class fusion methodology called the “multi-dimensional isotonic fusion”, users see logical profiles and offline behaviours of visitors to over 3,000 reported websites and apps.

•   Access, cut, and slice with ease
Vividata’s new SCC Metrica Fusion Database is available through Nielsen and Telmar platforms, allowing subscribers to dig into the data on-demand.


Sample highlights from Vividata’s Winter 2021 SCC Metrica Fusion Database include:


•   With increased interest among younger Canadians in day-trading during the pandemic, attracted another 300,000 unique visitors since last Spring, reaching an estimated 1,052,000 Canadians (aged 18+) in an average month. Nearly 200,000 Canadians also use the Wealthsimple Trade app in a typical month, with 60% of users under 35.

•   Low-cost investment broker, Questrade, also experienced a surge in visitors to their website. Reaching an estimated 417,000 Canadian adults, unique monthly visitors to nearly doubled since last Spring.

• (delivering investment news, advice, reviews, and an investment dictionary) experienced a 33% increase in visitation, reaching approximately 834,000 Canadians in an average month, predominantly males under 35.

•   Nearly 2 out of 5 visitors to,, or agree, “I am actively looking for opportunities to earn supplemental income beyond my regular job.” (Index 125)


Food Delivery:

•   Since last Spring, another 1.5 million Canadian adults visited the websites or apps of Skip the Dishes, UberEats or DoorDash.

•   Skip the Dishes remains the number one food delivery service in Canada with 3.5 million adults visiting their website or app in an average month. UberEats is at a distant second with 2.5 million visitors, followed by DoorDash with 1.8 million.

•   Households with children are the most likely to have used food delivery services during the pandemic, comprising 53% of monthly visitors to Skip the Dishes, UberEats or DoorDash. They are followed by single adults without children at 24%.

•   In comparison to the Canadian population, users of these food delivery services are 28% more likely to eat mainly vegetarian food, and they are more likely to attempt to reduce the amount of dairy in their diet.


Media & Entertainment:

•   During the pandemic, nearly 8 million Canadians visited the IMDb website or app in an average month. Just over 50% of visitors to IMDb agreed that online TV streaming services have changed the way they watch television, and nearly 1 in 3 watch more TV than they used to because of online streaming services.

•   With 559,000 unique monthly visitors, the iHeartRadio app saw an increase in younger users tuning-in more often. Compared to last Spring more users visited the iHeartRadio app 5 times or more in an average month, topping out at 218,000, or a bump of 60%. Of those that visited 5+ times, 1 in 2 were under 35, more than double from the same age group since last Spring.

•   Visitation to the CBC TV app doubled since last Spring, reaching 742,000 unique visitors in an average month. Of those, 70% were women, and 76% aged 35 or older.

•   With some Canadians looking for more productive ways to fill their pandemic-fueled downtime, Duolingo (an app that helps users learn new languages) saw more than 600,000 unique visitors aged 35 and older, a 39% jump from last Spring. Of that age group, more than 3 out of 4 are women, are 72% more likely to use a Health and Fitness app than the average Canadian, 77% more likely to have done yoga or pilates 10 or more times in the past year than the average Canadian, and spend an average of 19 minutes per visit on the Duolingo App (more than double the duration since last Spring).


“This fusion of digital data collection to survey data is the first of its kind in Canada. Capturing the complexity of digital behaviour and reporting it alongside the offline habits of Canadians required a state-of-the-art data fusion,” says Vividata President & CEO, Pat Pellegrini, PhD. “For this, we turned to our European partners, dataBreeders, and their Multi-dimensional Isotonic technique. This game-changing approach successfully maintained key relationships across thousands of variables captured in Vividata’s authoritative Survey of the Canadian Consumer when fused with the advanced passive digital measurement of Metrica.”



VIVIDATA is Canada’s authoritative source for insights on multi-media and consumer behaviour. It is the leading provider of cross platform audience measurement for publishers. A tripartite, not-for-profit organization, Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian publishers, agencies and advertisers.

VIVINTEL, the custom research arm of Vividata, offers bespoke solutions to deliver ‘a closer look’ at unique research needs. Through syndicated surveys and reports, segmentations, custom studies, first and third-party data integration opportunities, and strong partnerships, Vivintel provides a complete suite of unified solutions for actionable data.

METRICA is Vividata’s passive measurement of digital consumers, capturing the complete picture of digital device usage in Canada. Through device metering technology embedded into the devices of opted-in participants, and intelligent data science, Metrica transforms the digital activities of Canadians into new behavioural insights.

For more information:

Tosha Kirk
Vice President, Client Services | Vividata
(416) 961-3205


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