Toronto, ON, Thursday, August 25, 2022 – Vividata, Canada’s leading media and consumer research firm, has released their latest SCC/Digital Database for Summer 2022. Merging Vividata’s latest SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer with Metrica's passive measurement of digital consumers, the new fusion database captures consumer behaviour both online and off, informing researchers, marketers, and strategists alike with a more complete view of Canadian consumers. 

While the new database allows members to create detailed consumer and audience profiles of visitors to thousands of websites and apps, we took a closer look at those visiting the digital properties of Canada’s major banks, along with Canadians scouring online travel sites to plan their next great escape. Here’s a few highlights:   


Who’s Making Online Money Moves with Canada’s Major Banks  

Nearly 22 million or 71% of Canadian adults visit a major bank’s website or app in an average month, with over 1 in 3 visiting the bank’s app.  

From a national perspective, RBC tallied up the most online visits with over 7.5 million in an average month, with TD, CIBC, Scotiabank and Tangerine rounding out the top 5. While in Quebec, Desjardins racked up nearly 3 million average monthly visits from the province’s adults, nearly double that of the next closest bank, RBC. 

Canadians 25 to 34 were the mostly likely to visit a major bank’s app (42% reach | Index 121) in an average month, and while they visited the RBC app most, Tangerine and BMO were the mostly likely banking apps used by the age group, at 38% and 32% more likely than the average Canadian adult, respectively. 

Nearly 3.4 million visitors to a major bank’s app also agreed with the statement “I feel overwhelmed by financial burdens.”  This particular segment was 50% more likely than the average Canadian adult to be under the age of 35, 87% more likely to be a new Canadian (<5 years in Canada) and identify as Black, Indigenous or Person of Colour, 2-times more likely to have children under 3, and 47% more likely to make the minimum, or only partial, payment on their credit card every month. Considering the pressures and responsibilities this financially overwhelmed group faces, they are looking for advice, with 2 in 5 agreeing with the statement “I seldom make a financial move without consulting an expert.”  In terms of how to reach this segment, nearly 46% notice ads on streaming video in an average day, but are 51% more likely than the average Canadian adult to regularly notice ads in digital magazines and 42% more likely to notice them at a movie theatre.  

On the other hand, nearly 5.2 million visitors to a major bank’s app also agreed with the statement “I am very good at managing my money.”  This segment is more likely than the average Canadian adult to be 35 to 49, 38% more likely to have $250,000 or more in investments and savings, spend $200 more per month on their credit cards than the national average, and are 50% more likely to agree with the statement “I have already taken steps to ensure that I have sufficient income for my retirement.” In terms of how to reach this segment, nearly half notice ads on TV in an average day, but are up to 24% more likely than the average Canadian adult to regularly notice ads in printed or digital magazines.  



The Online Visitors Looking to Make An Escape 

Canadians (18+) have caught the travel bug – travel websites see an average of 2.3 million unique visits a day with at least half of those unique visits by Canadians who intend to travel in the next year.  

Even though they plan to spend an average of more than $1,400 on their next domestic trip, and over $3,000 on their next international vacation, 75% of travel intenders who visited a travel website or app agree with the statement, “I always look out for special offers” and are 20% more likely than the average Canadian adult to have visited a loyalty, flyer, or deals-themed website in an average month.  

With several travel website and app options to choose from, Expedia continues to lead the way, reaching 7% of Canadians intending to travel in an average month, while (6%) and Airbnb (5%) round out the top 3.  

Travel intenders that visit travel websites are active on the Internet, spending an average 27 hours online per week, and 1 in 3 agree with the statement, “I love sharing my vacation experiences on social media”. They’re also 20% more likely than the average Canadian adult to notice an ad in a print or digital magazine in an average day, 17% more likely to notice an ad on an outdoor billboard, and after noticing an ad, nearly half (46%) of these travel-intending Canadians purchased a product, brand, or service. 



Benefits of Vividata’s SCC/Digital Database 

This new SCC/Digital Database is the eighth edition from Vividata, allowing subscribers to: 

  • Match online metrics to real world data 
    From leisure activities to consumer habits, to media usage, and more, subscribers can get a complete look at the lives of Canadians with data that delves into their behaviour, both online and off.
  • Spark insights with powerful psychographics 
    Peek into the mindset of the Canadian consumer with powerful psychographic statements designed to spark insights from topics like finance, health and wellness, society and politics, media use, automotive, and more. 
  • Segment, target, and inform to greater effect 
    Using a groundbreaking, world-class fusion methodology called the “multi-dimensional isotonic fusion”, users see logical profiles and offline behaviours of visitors to nearly 3,700 reported websites and apps 
  • Access, cut, and slice with ease 
    Vividata’s new SCC/Digital Database is available through Nielsen and Telmar platforms, allowing subscribers to dig into the data on-demand. 

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