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Toronto, ON, Wednesday October 17, 2018 – Vividata, ( Canada’s leading cross-media and consumer behaviour research firm, today released their latest findings.  Surveying 43,014 Canadians (aged 14+) from July 2017 through to June 2018, Vividata’s survey of the Canadian consumer is the largest cross-media research study in Canada.

A sample of highlights from the Vividata 2018 Fall Study include:


  • 32% of Canadians are on the “road to retirement” and have already taken steps to ensure they have enough income for their retirement.
  • Nearly a quarter of Canadians are “earners and savers” who make mindful financial decisions and look for ways to earn supplemental income and save.
  • In contrast, 44% of Canadians are just “getting by”, and they’re not good at managing money, they’re not overly concerned about their finances.


  • 58% of Canadian women use hair salons an average of 3 times every 6 months. 24% have used a nail salon in the past 6 months.
  • 29% of Canadian women are “fashionistas”; they are concerned with their appearance, tend to follow fashion trends and maintain an active lifestyle to improve their appearance.
  • 22% of Canadian women are a “work in progress”; they aspire for a higher standard of appearance, including trying to lose weight most of the time.

PHD Canada’s EVP, Director Client Operations, Fred Auchterlonie states, “High quality consumer and media data is paramount to Canadian advertising and media companies. Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer provides rich insights for a broad range of clients.”

Media Highlights

  • 74% of Canadian adults read newspaper brand content in the past week, with over half accessing content via a mobile device. 1 in 4 newspaper brand readers searched online for a product, brand or service advertised in a newspaper, while just over 1 in 10 made a purchase.
  • 69% of adults in markets with a population under 100,000, read a community newspaper in the past month, and 54% in the past week. 1 in 6 weekly readers visited a retail store or restaurant advertised in a community newspaper.
  • 9 out of 10 Canadians read a magazine brand in the past three months. 1 in 3 magazine readers searched online for a product, brand or service advertised in a magazine, and nearly a quarter of readers used a discount offered in a magazine.
  • 1 in 4 Canadians watched videos in YouTube in the past week, with music videos as their top choice for videos watched.
  • 3 million Canadians have a paid subscription to an audio streaming service.

“As media consumption evolves, so too do our media measurement strategies across all media. This release offers new information on where Canadians consume media, how they consume it and what actions they take as a result.” Says Vividata’s President and CEO Pat Pellegrini, Ph.D.

About Vividata:

Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source for insights on multi-media and consumer behaviour.  It is the leading provider of cross platform audience measurement for publishers, marketers and media agencies.  The single source, syndicated study uses a probability-based sample of over 40,000 Canadians with results released quarterly.  A tripartite, not-for-profit organization, Vividata is governed by a Board of Directors representing the interests of Canadian publishers, agencies and advertisers.  To learn more, please visit


For more information:

Kirby Miller, Vividata Chair
Senior Vice-President and General Manager House & Home Media


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