Toronto, ON, Wednesday, April 17, 2024 – Vividata, Canada’s leading media and consumer research firm, today released their latest study results. In field January 2023-December 2023, Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer | Spring 2024 is the most comprehensive cross-media, product, attitudinal and brand research study in Canada.

New consumer trends available in The Spring 2024 Study include: opinions on targeted ads, autonomous driving and vehicles, gas prices, and children’s TV viewing. This release also contains new statements on topics such as investing and banking, trust in social media, luxury products and brands, and travel.


As Canadians strive to earn and save more, they look to their banks for guidance.

Given recent inflationary pressures, it’s no surprise that money issues are top of mind for Canadian adults, with 61% saying they try to save money anyway they can, and 63% saying they spend money more carefully than they used to, while 3 in 5 agree their purchasing behaviour is heavily affected by the economic outlook.

While education may not be the complete solution in times likes these, it can go a long way to help ease the stress. Our education system could play a role, with 69% agreeing that our schools don’t prepare them on how to manage finances – a critical gap in knowledge especially in harder times. But banks can also take this opportunity to help, and at the same time, build better relationships with Canadians. As it stands, less than half (46%) of Canadian adults feel their bank keeps them informed, while 57% agree that banks should offer more opportunities to learn about investing and managing money. Among those who feel their banks should offer more opportunities, almost 1/4 have visited a financial website in the past month, with over 2 million reporting that Financial ads capture their attention.

Source: Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer Spring 2024
Base: Canadians 18+


Going to the movies? Half of Canadians have gone to the movies in the past year, up 27% from Spring 2023.

Almost 30% of Canadian adults have seen a movie in theatres recently (past 3 months), with over 1.3 million having seen 4 or more movies. Action/Adventure movies were attended the most often across all age groups, while Comedies were the second-most popular for A18-24 and A25-49. For A50+, Dramas took second place overall.

40% of Canadians 18-24 say they enjoy seeing movies at the theatre more than they enjoy watching them on TV. Not far behind are A25-34 with 36% reporting the same. Within 18-24 year olds, more than 1/3 get to the theatre in time to watch the ads and trailers and that number goes up to almost 40% for 25-34 year olds.

Source: Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer Spring 2024
Base: Canadians 18+, Any Agree (4-5)


Almost half of Canadians report regularly watching TV and movies together as a family.

In fact, 38% will actively seek out content that they can watch together and that number climbs to 44% for parents. Although more than 40% of parents with young children (under 12 yrs old) report making an effort to monitor the amount of TV their children watch, 44% say they value educational programs for their children and believe that they play a positive role in their development.

Compared to the average Canadian adult, parents with kids <12 spend less weekly time with TV (15 hrs. vs 19 hrs.) and streaming (10 hrs. vs 12 hrs.), but are 27% more likely to watch video content online or via streaming service, with almost 85% having streamed in the past month. Wherever they are watching TV/Video content, more than half (51%) make sure that the content their children watch is age appropriate. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are their most popular streaming services, with about 20% of Netflix and Disney+ users reporting they watch with ads.

Source: Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer Spring 2024
Base: Canadians 18+, Parents with children under 12
*Noticed in past month

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