Toronto, ON, Thursday, July 6, 2023 – Vividata® just released their new SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer for Summer 2023, now helping members stay up to date on the lives of Canadians four times a year instead of just three.

While not featuring title-level data on Canada’s news media, this latest version of the SCC gives key media and consumer metrics on over 4,000 brands across 60,000 variables for an in-depth look at the everyday lives of Canadians from where they shop, to what they watch, to their opinions on finance, health, advertising and so much more.

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The Latest

What’s new for Summer 2023

More On TV Viewing
From watching live as broadcast, to monthly spend on streaming services, TV services and more, build stronger insights into the TV viewing habits of Canadians with all new questions and variables.

Audio Streaming Services & Podcasts
Get a handle on the top streaming services in Canada, along with how much Canadians are spending to hear the content they like most.

New Brands
Added to 8 consumer categories, like insurance, chocolate/candy bars, beer, and frozen pizza.

And more!

Online News

11.3 Million Canadians Use Social Media To Keep Up With The News

56% of Canadians 18+ agree the “Internet is my main source of news”, reaching as high as 70% agreement among those under 35, and as low as 36% among Canadians 65+.

Younger Canadians are least likely to check news online regularly, with just 41% of Canadians 18 to 24 checking at least once a day – 23 percentage points lower than the national average of 64%.

For over 1 in 3 Canadian adults, “Keep up to date with the news” is among the primary reasons to use social media, while over 1 in 2 Canadians under 50 agree “I often find out about breaking news and events through social networking sites first”.

Canadians that say keeping up with the news is a primary reason to use social media were up to 63% more likely than the average Canadian adult to have used Twitter in the past month, 40% more likely to have used Reddit, and 38% more likely to have used TikTok.


Nearly 70% Of Canadians Watch Less Than 2 Hours of Linear TV in a Day, or None At All

A near majority of Canadian adults now average less than 2 hours a day watching TV live as broadcast, with nearly 1 in 5 saying they don’t watch any linear TV in a typical day.

Compared to French Canada, those in English Canada are twice as likely to not watch linear TV in an average day (20% compared to 10% for French Canada), while those under 35 in English Canada are forgoing linear TV most, making them the toughest segment to reach through the channel.

For those that don’t watch linear TV in an average day, 68% say they use Netflix as a TV service provider, 59% use Amazon Prime, and 43% use YouTube to round-out the top 3.

Non-linear TV watchers are also 38% more likely than the average Canadian to spend $60 or more on streaming services in an average month, and 28% more likely to use streaming services because “There are fewer/no advertisements or commercials”.


Online Shopping Stays Strong Despite Post-COVID Lag

9 in 10 Canadian adults say they shop online in an average month, spending a total of $5.5 Billion/month – an 11% drop from a COVID-high of nearly $6.2 Billion/month.

Amazon continues to dominate the online market as it has for at least the past 5 years, with just over 2 in 3 Canadians 18+ saying they shopped the online giant in the past year.

Walmart, Canadian Tire, Costco and Indigo round out the top five properties purchased from over the past year. However, each retailer saw decreases in the number of purchasers from 2022, with Canadian Tire seeing the biggest drop in the top five at -35%.

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