Toronto, ON, Thursday, November 16, 2023Vividata™ has just released their 2023 Multicultural Database, focusing on Chinese and South Asian consumers in Canada. This database gives researchers, marketers, and strategists essential data and insights on the purchasing behaviour, preferences, media habits, mindset, celebrations, and lifestyle (and more) of these growing communities.  

“Marketing to diverse communities and newcomers to Canada offers brands across sectors a valuable opportunity.” Says Rahul Sethi, VP of Research and Development at Vividata. “These communities have diverse needs, from financial services to housing, education, auto, media, consumer packaged goods, to cultural support and so much more. Building brand awareness through cultural intelligence and tailoring products, services, and messaging to meet these unique needs will help brands thrive. Vividata continues to enhance our measurement to capture the diversity of Canadians and is a critical first resource for marketers to understand the various cultures that make up our country.” 


What Makes this Database the Must Have Resource to Market to Chinese and South Asian Canadians

Enhanced Demographics
From newcomers to those most established in Canada, develop astute segments and profiles to target Chinese and South Asian communities more effectively. 

Detailed Cross-Media Habits
Uncover the ethnic and traditional media channels most frequented by Chinese and South Asian Canadians, and determine the best cross-media and cross-platform strategy to reach them.  

Spending Patterns and Preferences
From finance, to auto, to groceries, travel, real estate and more, dig into the purchasing behaviour of these communities, their brand preferences, and what they’re in the market for.

Brand Affinity
Identify brand preferences across all media and key consumer verticals to unearth the brands Chinese and South Asian consumers are most loyal to.

100+ Psychographic Statements
Understand the mindset that drives Chinese and South Asian consumers with over 100 psychographic statements on media, representation in ads, shopping, food and alcohol, auto, finance, personal values, and more.

Festival and Event Celebration
Discover the most celebrated cultural events and festivals among these communities, and how they feel about brands that celebrate with them. 


A Great Opportunity to Connect with Chinese and South Asian Communities

Cultural festivals and events are important for Chinese and South Asian Canadians, especially newcomers. They help maintain cultural identity, while contributing to the vibrant multicultural tapestry of Canada. 

When asked about their participation in cultural activities and events, 37% of Chinese adults and 48% of South Asian adults agreed that such festivities give them a sense of belonging. Both Chinese and South Asian newcomers (<5 years in Canada), having more recently settled in a new and perhaps unfamiliar country, are even more likely to feel this sense of belonging, at 54% and 52% respectively. 

Source: Vividata Multicultural 2023: Chinese & South Asian Consumer Study
Base: Chinese and South Asian Canadians 18+ 

Cultural celebrations provide a unique opportunity for brands to connect with those from both communities, especially newcomers. 34% of Chinese and 42% of South Asian Canadians agree, “I notice and pay more attention to ads that present my cultural events”, jumping to 41% among Chinese newcomers, and 47% among South Asian newcomers.


Understanding the Role of Culture in Services for Diverse Consumers

Source: Vividata Multicultural 2023: Chinese & South Asian Consumer Study
Base: Chinese and South Asian Canadians 18+ 

To financially support loved ones, sending money and gifts are is a common practice for many Chinese and South Asian Canadians, especially newcomers. Just over 1 in 3 Chinese and nearly 2 in 3 South Asian newcomers send financial support to help family or friends at least a couple times a year, with the number one reason being to help cover the costs of everyday life 

When it comes to making major financial moves, just over 1 in 3 Chinese and nearly 1 in 2 South Asian newcomers prefer to consult with an expert; and 44% of Chinese and 51% of South Asian newcomers report that they would rather consult with someone of the same cultural background 

This speaks to the need for financial institutions to provide culturally aligned advice, services, and marketing strategies. In doing so, financial institutions can enhance customer engagement, trust, and loyalty.  

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