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Toronto, ON, October 12, 2018 – Vividata, a top provider of media market analytics and consumer research spanning more than 500 members in Canada, today announced a partnership with New York-based Shareablee Inc., the global leader in audience-based social media measurement.

The partnership establishes Shareablee’s largest presence to-date in the Canadian market, and empowers Vividata’s network with access to unmatched social metrics, including custom reporting tools and Shareablee’s Monetization Suite’s advertiser-publisher dashboards.

The agreement capitalizes on Canada’s surging social media landscape; overall major social network content and actions each grew around a 15% rate since H1 of 2017, while Instagram alone rose over 25% in per-post average engagement during the same period. With the power of Shareablee’s data, Vividata will be better positioned than ever for their members to seize on the field’s untapped growth potential.

“Joining our social insights with Vividata’s knowledge of Canada’s consumer market research will be an exciting force to watch unfold,” said Shareablee Founder & CEO Tania Yuki. “Canada’s social networks are rapidly moving toward an era of advanced audience intelligence that demands new campaign delivery strategies that we’re excited to provide leadership around in yet another North American market.”


“Vividata welcomes the opportunity to partner with Shareablee,” said Vividata’s VP of Client Service, Tosha Kirk. “As two trustworthy sources for market insights, we will be working together to offer Canadian marketers, advertisers and media agencies with unparalleled social media analytics.”

Shareablee will work closely with the Vividata team to support the needs of the Canadian market through their Toronto based representative, Alex Castro.

About Shareablee:

Shareablee is the leader in audience-based social media measurement for media publishers, agencies and brands that want to understand the impact and effectiveness of their cross-platform social media campaigns. Launched in 2013, Shareablee empowers brands by providing data that can help them define and drive success on social media by arming them with metrics and predictive analytics that inform powerful best practices. Shareablee is the leading authority on audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights with clients in 15+ countries.

About Vividata:

Vividata provides essential consumer intelligence to a wide range of companies including media agencies, media companies and advertisers in Canada and around the world. Offering the largest syndicated study in Canada, Vividata is the go-to source for demographics, attitudes, life events, media, purchasing and brand preferences.


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