Montreal, ON, Thursday, May 30, 2024 – At their sold out ViVo event in Montreal, Vividata™ – Canada’s leading source of cross-media and consumer research – announced their new partnership with Optable, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data management & collaboration platform designed for the advertising ecosystem, to create the next generation of privacy safe ad products.

Through the new partnership, Vividata and Optable will give members and clients the ability to securely collaborate along the path to activation, leveraging Optable’s privacy compliant data management tools and clean rooms to maximize the value of matching first-party data to Vividata’s comprehensive studies like the SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer and SCC/Digital.
“Media agencies and publishers use Vividata’s studies as a core component of their media plans and buys. We have heard the demand for ways to enable our data to play a bigger role in integration and activation and are extremely proud to deliver these capabilities with new partners like Consumer Orbit, and now Optable”, says Tosha Kirk, VP, Client Solutions, Vividata.

The control Vividata members can enjoy is end-to-end, from learning more about their audiences and prospects by giving their first-party data the depth of key Vividata variables, to the ability to activate on their newly enriched data through top ad-buying platforms, or by uploading to the cloud providers of their choice.

“Optable has established itself as a valued partner in the Canadian market, and we at Horizon are thrilled at the possibility of incorporating Vividata’s robust datasets into existing channels and emerging platforms in order to better activate for our clients,” says Caroline Bergeron, SVP, Digital & Data Solutions at Horizon Media.

By collaborating with Optable, Vividata will simplify the process of managing and monetizing audience data while continuing to be an integral part of data strategies. Together, Optable and Vividata can now deliver the data capabilities Canadian media needs to address the rapidly changing ad-buying and digital landscape.

“Partnering with Vividata allows us to enhance the value we provide to our clients by integrating their trusted datasets with our privacy-safe solutions," said Vlad Stesin, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Optable. "This collaboration empowers our clients to leverage enriched data for more effective targeting and activation."


Optable is a data management & collaboration solution designed for the advertising ecosystem in the age of privacy. Optable makes it easy for advertisers and publishers to use their audience data to plan, activate and measure advertising campaigns while safeguarding individual identities. Designed for the business user, Optable eliminates friction in campaign workflows by allowing any partner to manage, share, analyze, and activate data within one integrated and interoperable cloud application. Optable customers reduce technology costs, increase operational and marketing efficiency, and grow revenue.  Learn more > 

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