Toronto, ON, Wednesday, May 15, 2024 – Vividata™ just released their new SCC/Digital Database for Spring 2024, where members can dive into key metrics like detailed demographics, cross-media habits, offline consumer behaviours, opinions, and more for visitors to over 4,000 websites and apps.   
Get an in-action look at the new database with featured stories on iHeart Radio visitors and the Canadians using the top loyalty program apps. 


iHeart Radio helps 2.1 million Canadians think local

Radio-streaming platform iHeartRadio saw a slight increase in web and app visitors over the past year, now reaching a projected 2.1 million Canadian adults in an average month.  

While the bulk of their audience resides in Canada’s two largest provinces (48% in Ontario, 35% in Quebec), Ontario was where the platform saw its greatest gains, going from reaching just 6% of the province’s adult population in Spring 2023, to now 8% in Spring 2024. 

Featuring stations like CHUM 104.5 and Newstalk 1010 in Toronto, or Rouge 107.3 and CJAD 800 AM in Montreal, the steady audience base is important for local news and consumer brands, especially with the likes of social media consistently pushing both national and foreign content, more often.  

For iHeartRadio visitors, the feeling on local media is mutual. With 69% of visitors agreeing “I value my local media because it covers what’s happening in my community”, and 68% agreeing that “Local media makes me aware of products and services available in my community” (both more likely than the average Canadian adult), local content is of real value to iHeartRadio listeners. And when you consider that nearly 1 in 3 listeners take action after hearing an ad in radio/audio, the audience is of real value to local consumer brands, too. 

Source: SCC/Digital Spring 2024  
Base: Canadians 18+  


Triangle and SCENE+ make gains with Canadians

A projected 7.2 million Canadian adults use the apps of the four largest loyalty programs in Canada, with the PC Optimum app leading the way at 6.3 million monthly visitors, followed by the AIR MILES app at nearly 2.1 million, Triangle at 1.8 million and the SCENE+ app at 1.6 million 

PC Optimum remained the dominant app over the past year. However, both Triangle and SCENE+ were the programs making the most noise, with monthly users of the Triangle app increasing 11% over Spring 2023, and SCENE+ app visits jumping 62% over the same period.

Source: SCC/Digital Spring 2024  
Base: Canadians 18+  

While visitors of each app do differ demographically (Triangle app users skew younger, male, higher-income, and family-oriented; SCENE+ app users skew female, older, and less likely to have young children at home), they both like the idea of saving on shopping. Up to 76% of Triangle or SCENE+ visitors agree “Whenever I shop, I make sure to utilize all sales, coupons, and deals” and up to 87% agree “I always look out for special offers” – more likely than the average Canadian 18+ on both fronts. 

Social media is also the top resource visitors of the either the Triangle or SCENE+ app use to research products and services before buying, with Facebook, Instagram, and X being the top social media apps they visit in an average month. However, with SCENE+ visitors nearly 2 times more likely than average to visit Pinterest in an average month, and Triangle app visitors over 2 times more likely to visit Reddit, there are niche opportunities to zero-in on either target with tailored content on social platforms outside the top 3 in reach. 

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