Toronto, ON, Friday, March 1, 2024 – Vividata™ just released their new SCC/Digital Database for Winter 2024, featuring key metrics and digital behaviour for visits to nearly 4,000 websites and apps - from social media to video streaming, gaming, finance and so much more.

A fusion of Vividata’s Winter 2024 SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer with Metrica’s passive measurement of digital consumers, the new database
provides the latest and most complete view of consumer and media behavior, both online and off.

Get an in-action look at the new database below, with a featured story on the top Quick-Serve Restaurants (QSR) apps in Canada!


From quick bites to Flat Whites, over 10 million Canadians are tapping branded QSR apps to grab their on-the-go favourites.

Whether they’re looking to skip the line, or create the perfect, personalised order, Canadians are becoming more and more comfortable with using apps to order from their favourite Quick-Serve Restaurants (QSRs). So much so, that Tim Hortons, McDonald's, and Starbucks are now among the most popular apps in Canada.

Of the projected 10 million+ Canadian adults that use a branded QSR app in an average month, 90% use either the Tim Hortons app, the McDonald's app, or the Starbucks app. The 5.8 million Canadians that use the Tim Hortons app in an average month, for example, make it the 15th most used app* in Canada, placing it in lofty company with the likes of other mobile apps such as Spotify (8.1M), PC Optimum (6.2M), and Netflix (5.7M). The number of Canadians using the McDonald's app is close behind at 5.2 million average monthly users, while the Starbucks app registers visits from 3.2 million Canadians in an average month, ranking them as the 18th and 24th most used apps* in the country, respectively.

Source: SCC/Digital Winter 2024   Base: Canadians 18+

While over 1.1 million Canadian adults use all three apps in an average month, nearly 40% of Canadians that use the Tim Hortons app don’t use the McDonald's app or the Starbucks app, making its exclusive user base the largest of the three QSRs. On the other hand, and perhaps given its more limited food and beverage offering, Canadians that use the Starbucks app are the least likely to only have the brand’s app on their device, versus the other two.

Women are generally more likely than men to use one of the three top QSR apps. Starbucks app users in particular skew the most towards women, with 71% of its user base engaging with the app in an average month, and topping out at 76% among those that use the Starbucks app at least 10 times in an average month. While skewing towards women, users of the top QSR apps are also significantly younger. With an average overall age of just 43, the group is 6 years younger than the average Canadian 18+.

For a portion of top QSR app users, a busy lifestyle could be what makes QSRs such a helpful option. Nearly 1 in 4 users agree, “I don’t have time to spend preparing and cooking food”, while nearly 1 in 3 agree, “Because of my busy lifestyle, I don't take care of myself as well as I should”. They are also more likely than the average Canadian to have young children at home, have children enrolled in sports activities or camps, and work as managers, business owners, professionals, or entrepreneurs.

From a media perspective, nearly 77% of monthly visitors to the top three QSR apps can be reached through linear or streamed TV, making it the most popular form of media used by visitors. However, at 17 hours per week watching TV on any device, and 10 hours per week watching streamed TV, QSR visitors spend the same, or slightly less time, watching TV than the average Canadian 18+.

They do, however, spend more time on social media than the average Canadian adult, with Starbucks users spending the most time on social with an average of 14 hours per week, compared to the 11 hours the average Canadian spends. Reaching 78% of the top QSR app users, Facebook is the top social media app they use in an average week, with the Instagram (54%) and TikTok apps rounding out the top three.

Source: SCC/Digital Winter 2024   Base: Canadians 18+

Finally, audio streaming apps are of particular interest to visitors of the top three QSR apps, reaching 66% of both Tim Hortons and McDonald's monthly app users, and 71% of Starbucks users, compared to the 45% of Canadian adults that audio streaming apps reach in an average month.

Time spent on audio streaming apps is dramatically higher as well, with frequent Starbucks app users (10+ times/month) topping out at over 12.5 hours per month, or 4x the amount of time the average Canadian spends on audio streaming apps.

*Ranking excludes browser and email apps.

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