Toronto, ON, Thursday, November 23, 2023 – Vividata™ just released their new SCC/Digital Database for Fall 2023, providing the latest and most complete view of Canadian consumer and media behavior, both online and off.

A fusion of Vividata’s Fall 2023 SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer with Metrica’s passive measurement of digital consumers, the new database features key metrics and digital behaviour for visits to over 4,000 websites and apps – from social media to video streaming, to news and beyond – along with the 60,000+ variables available through the SCC, including key demographics, psychographics, and top consumer verticals.

Get a taste of the new database below, with featured stories on TikTok’s growing and shifting visitors, and the price-conscious shoppers looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals online.


TikTok is finding its stride with more than just Gen Z

Reaching older Canadians through social media just got more interesting, with TikTok especially capturing a bigger and wider audience over the past year, and opening the door for brands to reach more than just Gen Z through the platform.

Overall, social media remains a juggernaut in the Canadian media landscape, with over 29 million (91%) Canadian adults visiting a social media website or app in average month, and just over 20 million (63%) visiting in an average day.

Meta-owned properties Facebook and Instagram, along with X/Twitter remain the top social media platforms for Canadian adults at a projected 27.5, 17.2, and 13.9 million web or app visitors monthly, respectively. However, we are seeing a shake up when it comes to the top social media platforms after the top 3.

TikTok made huge gains in visitors over the past year, now reaching nearly 13 million Canadian adults in an average month through their website or app, doubling the 6.5 million average monthly visitors they reached last year. The surge in visitors now places the property in the fifth spot, a 2-rank jump from a year ago, and now within 200,000 monthly visitors of LinkedIn and just under 1 million behind X/Twitter.

Source: SCC/Digital Fall 2022 and 2023 Base: Canadians 18+

The jump in TikTok can be seen across all gender and age groups, too. However, the platform is beginning to fill in opportunities with older generations it had trouble reaching in the past. For example, users aged 35 to 49 have grown 111% over the past year, and most surprising (perhaps driven by a greater number of older influencers taking up residence on TikTok), Canadians 65+ are a lot more interested. The age group saw an 116% increase in average monthly visitors, now sitting at 2.1 million Canadians 65+, compared to just 965,000 in Fall 2022.

Not to be outdone, Snapchat has more than doubled its visitor base, now reaching nearly 5 million visitors in an average month, compared to the 2.2 million reported in Fall 2022. The jump places them in the eighth spot among social media properties in Canada, now well above Tumblr, but still only half the number of Canadians reached by Pinterest, which sits in the seventh spot.


Black Friday is here, and 14 million Canadians could be on the prowl for savings

A projected 14 million or 44% of Canadian adults shop for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, making it the second most popular shopping event of the year, second only to Christmas.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday shoppers are also more diverse. 52% identify as belonging to a racialized group, while 53% arrived in Canada within the past 5 years. With starting a new life in Canada, budgets are top of mind, so it’s no surprise that newcomers that shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday are 27% more likely than average to agree “I shop online for lower prices”.

Price consciousness also factors into the group overall, with 65% of Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers agreeing “I shop online for lower prices”, and the segment is also more likely than average to visit the top online mass retailers in Canada.

73% of price conscious Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers visit the Amazon website or app in an average month, making it the top online retailer they visit, while 37% visit the Walmart website or app, and 35% visit Other standouts the segment is more likely than the average Canadian to visit include the Temu website or app (13%), (10%), the SHEIN website or app (7%) and (5%).

Source: SCC/Digital Fall 2023.  Base: Canadians 18+, Shop for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and agree “I shop online for lower prices”.

84% of price conscious Black Friday/Cyber Monday online shoppers notice ads in any media in an average day, with nearly half noticing ads in either social media (47%), on TV (47%), or while streaming video (45%), and just over 1 in 3 noticing ads in either search (39%) or email (36%).

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