Toronto, ON, Thursday, March 30th, 2023 – Vividata, Canada’s leading media and consumer research firm, today released their latest study results. Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer Spring 2023 is the most comprehensive cross-media, product, attitudinal and brand research study in Canada.

The Spring 2023 Study provides coverage on new consumer trends, such as: time spent streaming TV/video on paid or free services, devices used to stream TV/video in a typical week, podcast listening, and more. This release also contains new psychographic statements on topics such as aging in place, home modifications, finances, and more.

A sample of media highlights from Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer Spring 2023 include:


  • Ownership of connected/smart TVs continues to rise. An estimated 65% of Canadians (18+) now have at least one connected/smart TV within their home, up from 54% in Spring 2021. At 75%, connected/smart TV ownership is highest among Albertans.
  • In a typical week, 11.5 million adults (37%) stream TV/video on a connected/smart TV, followed by computers/laptops (16%), smartphones (12%), set top boxes (9%), tablets (8%), and game consoles (4%). Adults 18-24 are nearly 2X more likely than the average Canadian to stream content on a smartphone or game console.
  • Nearly 1 in 4 adults (24%) pay attention to ads on linear TV versus just under 1 in 10 (8%) that pay attention to ads on streamed video. While those under 35 (13%) are more likely to pay attention to ads on streamed video, a greater percentage (21%) pay attention to ads on linear TV.


  • 83% of Canadian adults (25.8 million) access social media platforms weekly, relatively consistent across age groups, spending an estimated 11 hours per week.
  • 1 in 4 adults (7.7million) use social media to follow industry experts/interesting people, celebrities, or brands they like, increasing to 2 in 5 for those under 35.
  • Just over 1 in 5 adults (7.1 million) say they carefully consider product recommendations made by influencers they follow, increasing to 31% for those under 35 and 37% for newcomers to Canada (those in Canada for less than 5 years).



  • Nearly 2 in 3 Canadian adults (20.3 million) read or access print or digital daily newspaper brand content in an average week. 33% access content ​on a smartphone, increasing to 53% for those under 35 and 52% for newcomers to Canada.​
  • 2 in 5 Canadian adults (16.4 million) read or access print or digital community newspaper content in an average week, with readership at its highest for community newspapers in British Columbia, reaching just over 1 in 2 (2.3 million).
  • In an average month, 66% of adults (20.6 million) read or access print or digital magazine content. 22% of adults access digital magazine content via a smartphone, increasing to 44% for those under 35 and 57% for newcomers to Canada.



  • 78% of Canadian adults (24.5 million) listen to radio/audio content in an average week, remaining relatively consistent over the past few years. However, time spent is on the rise with Canadians now spending just over 13 hours on average per week with radio/audio content, compared to just under 9 hours in 2021.
  • Podcasts continue to grow in popularity reaching 29% (8.9 million) per week, up from 22% (6.8 million) in 2021, with listeners spending nearly an hour listening to podcasts per day.
  • While trending lower each year, conventional radio remains the most popular way to listen at 64% among all adults, compared to 76% in 2021. However, the audience for free or paid audio streaming services has grown from 43% to 54%, capping out at an even higher 66% for those under 35.



  • 57% of Canadian adults (17.8 million) notice an OOH ad in an average week, increasing to 68% for those under 35 and 64% for newcomers to Canada (those in Canada for less than 5 years).
  • 34% (10.7 Million) noticed a digital OOH ad specifically, with 67% of those that noticed agreeing that digital OOH ads are “a good way to learn about a new business in the area”.
  • Of those that noticed an OOH ad, 17% sought out the brand, product or service online (via search or visiting the advertiser’s website), while at 45%, newcomers that noticed an OOH ad were 2.6X more likely to do so than the average Canadian.

About Vividata

Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source for consumer and cross-media insights, and the leading provider of cross platform audience measurement. Used by over 500 agencies, advertisers and media companies, the SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer is the largest syndicated study in the country, surveying over 40,000 Canadians and reporting on 40 markets, over 4,000 brands and 60,000 variables in each release.

Vividata’s latest and most exhaustive database, SCC/Digital, delivers a single database containing all survey data from the flagship SCC study with behavioural data from our passive measurement panel - Metrica. The digital consumer behaviour captured by the Metrica panel provides the complete picture of digital device usage in Canada. Our world-leading data fusion of SCC and Metrica provides the unequivocal benchmark for cross-media planning and consumer insights in Canada.

Through syndicated surveys and reports, segmentations, custom studies, first and third-party data integration opportunities, and strategic partnerships, Vividata provides a complete suite of unified solutions for actionable data.

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