Toronto, ON, Thursday, September 29th, 2022 – Vividata, ( Canada’s leading media and consumer research firm, today released their latest study results. In field July 2021 – June 2022, Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer | Fall 2022 is the most comprehensive cross-media, product, attitudinal and brand research study in Canada.

The Fall 2022 Study provides coverage on new consumer trends, such as: hybrid and remote work, use of weight management programs, use of stress relief products and services, celebration of cultural events (e.g., Chinese Lunar New Year, Diwali, Eid, Kwanza, etc.), planned home renovations, frequency of ordering from quick service restaurants, activities to reduce impact on the environment, and the use of travel insurance. This release also contains over 600 new psychographic statements on topics such as: advertising, auto, cannabis, diet and health, environment, finance, life values, media, sports betting, and more.


“We continue to expand and enhance our SCC to keep pace with the evolving Canadian consumer, their media habits and especially capturing their mindset with over 600 new statements,” says Pat Pellegrini, President & CEO at Vividata. “I am proud of the transformation of Vividata over the past 4+ years, the flagship SCC and SCC/Digital products, and our expanded portfolio of studies.”


A sample of media highlights from Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer | Fall 2022 include:


  • Ownership of connected/smart TVs continues to rise. An estimated 58% of Canadian adults now have at least one connected/smart TV within their home, nearly double the 28% ownership in 2020.
  • Nearly half of Canadians (49%) watch TV content on a connected/smart TV, while 38% still use a traditional TV set. While 21% of all adults watch TV content on a smartphone, 32% of those under 35 do so. At 14%, those under 35 are also nearly twice as likely to watch TV content on a game console compared to the average.
  • 27% adults subscribe to three or more TV streaming services, while nearly the same (26%) also agree, “I feel I have more TV streaming subscriptions than I need”; agreement peaks at 32% for those under 35.


  • 9 in 10 Canadians access social media platforms through a mobile device on a weekly basis, with those accessing spending nearly 12 hours per week; reach and time spent peaks to 95% and 14 hours for those under 35.
  • The top 5 reasons Canadians use social media are: to keep in touch with friends and family (69%), to watch entertaining or fun content (40% for all adults and 53% for those under 35), keep up to date with the news (40% for all adults and 45% for those 35-49), to share interesting or entertaining content (25%), and to search for inspiration and ideas (21% for all adults and 29% for those under 35).


  • Nearly 22 million Canadian adults (70%) read or access print or digital newspaper content (whether a daily or community newspaper) in an average week, with reach increasing to 74% among Francophones and dipping slightly to 69% for Anglophones.
  • In an average month, 67% of adults read or access print or digital magazine content with the mobile audience for magazines continuing to grow steadily. While 44% of magazine readers are still exclusive to printed magazines, 43% now access magazine content on a mobile device, up from 32% in Fall 2019.
  • Just over 1 in 3 Canadians (35%) agree, “I commit more time each day to seek out current news and information than I did two years ago”, and just over 1 in 4 (26%) like to follow the news and magazine brands they read on social media.


  • Conventional radio remains the most popular way to listen at 69% while still trending lower each year. Comparatively, the audience for paid audio streaming services has grown from 16% to 26% since Fall 2020, capping out at an even higher 36% among adults under 35.
  • Podcasts also continue to grow in popularity, reaching 9.1 million Canadians (29%) in an average week, up from 6.7 million in Fall 2020. Podcasts are especially popular among new Canadians (those in Canada for less than 2 years), reaching 42% in an average week.
  • Whether listening on a conventional radio or online, most Canadians (52%) agree, “I prefer local radio because it covers local news”.


  • 6 in 10 Canadian adults noticed an out of home ad in the past week, increasing to 67% for those under 35 and 66% for new Canadians. 4 out of 10 adults (and nearly half of those under 35) agree, “Large screens and posters make brands stand out.”
  • Roadside billboards (33%), gas stations ads (21%), and ads on bus stops or shelters (19%) are the top out of home ad formats noticed in an average week.
  • As new Canadians are more likely to take public transit than the average adult, a majority (52%) agree, “When travelling and waiting for transport, I’m more likely to notice out of home advertising”; compared to 39% agreement among all adults.


Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source for insights on cross media and consumer behaviour, and the leading provider of cross platform audience measurement. Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian media companies, agencies and advertisers.

Along with offering the largest syndicated study in the country, the SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer, Vividata delivers niche studies and bespoke solutions for a deeper look into consumer behaviour. Through syndicated surveys and reports, segmentations, custom studies, first and third-party data integration opportunities, and strategic partnerships, Vividata provides a complete suite of unified solutions for actionable data.

Metrica is Vividata’s passive measurement panel of digital consumers, capturing the complete picture of digital device usage in Canada. Through device metering technology embedded into the devices of opted-in participants, and intelligent data science, Metrica transforms the digital activities of Canadians into new behavioural insights.

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