Arima and Vividata subscribers can now apply features and capabilities of the Arima platform to the Vividata study and look forward to future development in data sciences

TORONTO – February 28, 2023 – Arima today announced that Vividata's SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer is now available as a premium addition to the Arima Data Science Platform. Now, Vividata’s SCC data is available across Arima’s advanced marketing platform, which includes fully customized consumer insights (Persona Builder) and enables media planning (Cross Media Planner) and spatial decision-making (Location Intelligence).

Arima and Vividata will continue to explore and educate the Canadian marketing sector on the benefits and implications of synthetic data for marketing uses.

“Synthetic data is regarded as the gold standard for data sharing by privacy advocates. It is inter-operational across digital and analogue media, does not depend on cookies, and because there is no one-to-one connection with individuals, it does not require consent management,” says Arima founder, Winston Li. “We expect that our work with Vividata, a company that is highly regarded in the media and marketing industry, will greatly advance cross media planning, measurement and evaluation.”

As marketers, agencies, broadcasters, and publishers develop new approaches to privacy compliance and data protection, this integration offers key benefits including:

  • Variables within Arima’s Synthetic Society expand from 5,000 to 25,000 attributes;
  • Ability to fuse Vividata media planning data with Arima Marketing Mix Models for cross media planning and attribution; 
  • Vividata/Arima users can begin to explore the use of SyntheticIDs within media buying/selling arrangements; and,
  • Advertiser’s custom questions could be added to the Synthetic Society.

 "Vividata is pleased to partner with Arima – a thought leader in synthetic data,” says Pat Pellegrini, President and CEO at Vividata. “The expanded capabilities offered by working with the Arima platform deliver immediate benefits to Vividata users. Its advancements through synthetic data let users see our data in new ways that are completely privacy compliant, creating new possibilities for analysis.”


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As North America's most advanced marketing platform, Arima combines live market mix modeling with consumer insights discovery and media planning tools into one source. Its Synthetic Society is generated by Artificial Intelligence using its SyNC method which enables privacy by design data fusion for marketers and agencies. The Arima suite of tools allows hundreds of organizations to unlock the power of marketing data science in an easier and more affordable way. More information about Arima can be found at:

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