Toronto, ON, Thursday, June 10th, 2021 — More than 60 million Chinese adults are considering immigration to Canada in the next two years, according to an online research study done in China and Hong Kong by Hamazaki Wong, RIWI, and Vivintel (the custom research arm of Vividata). Most notably, these intended migrants are educated, affluent, and relatively fluent in English.


“The magnitude is staggering,” says Pat Pellegrini, President & CEO of Vividata. “Immigration is needed to grow the economy and these results show Canada is seen as a desirable place to live. With the Canadian Government set to reopen the country to migrants beyond pre-COVID levels, this collaborative research project provides an unprecedented view into the dynamics of immigration to Canada.”

“Vivintel conducted significant studies into the Chinese and South Asian communities in Canada,” Pellegrini adds, “but this new research provides a more complete view and better understanding of how these vibrant communities weave into the fabric of Canada, both culturally and as consumers.”

Highlights of the study include:

Working-age population:

Chinese adults over the age of 35 are the most keen to move to Canada in the next couple of years. 51% of adults considering a move to Canada from Mainland China are aged 46-64; while 45% of those looking to move from Hong Kong are aged 36-55.

More affluent:

Among both Mainland and Hong Kong Chinese, the higher the income the greater the consideration to move. Of adults considering a move to Canada, 37% from Mainland China earn a monthly household income over RMB 16,000, and 43% from Hong Kong earn a monthly household income over HK 50,000.

Highly educated:

1 in 2 Chinese adults considering a move to Canada have completed a Master’s degree or higher, and nearly 3 in 4 have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Primary reasons to move vary between Mainland and Hong Kong Chinese:

Adults looking to move from Mainland China identify “best place to start a new life” (17%), “better climate” (17%) and “political stability” (16%) as their primary reasons for wanting to move to Canada. Whereas Hong Kong Chinese identify “public services” e.g. healthcare, public transportation, education, etc., (28%), “safer there” (19%) and “political stability” (16%) as their primary reasons.

Professional reasons to move also vary between Mainland and Hong Kong Chinese:

To “retire” (36%), “start a business” (28%) and “pursue an education” (16%) are the top professional reasons to move to Canada as identified by Mainland Chinese. For Hong Kong Chinese, to “pursue an Education” (22%) is their top professional reason to move, followed by “retire” (21%) and “start a new career” (19%).

Fluency in English:

1 in 3 Chinese adults considering a move to Canada are fluent in English. Only 10% do not know any English at all.


Overall, 67% of Chinese adults considering a move to Canada are City dwellers and 19% come from the suburbs.


Most Chinese adults considering a move to Canada live in households with 4+ people – 66% of those from Mainland China and 57% from Hong Kong.


“These numbers and demographics portend important implications for immigration and social policy,” says Sonny Wong, president & creative director, Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group. “There are major implications on housing, employment, education, and what we are seeing now more than ever — an increased rallying call for the security and well-being of minority groups. There are also tremendous opportunities for brands. Increased migration provides a base of new consumers in the brand discovery phase. This highly educated, skilled workforce, predominantly looking to settle in Canada with a family, will be looking to make a number of purchases to start a new life, and brands from every vertical need to start planning for that now.”


This Chinese migration study was conducted between March 26th  to 29th, 2021, with a random sample of Internet users — a total of 1,500 respondents (aged 18 and over) in Mainland China and 1,500 respondents in Hong Kong. The sample does not filter out any Canadians residing in the regions. The study has a confidence level of 97.3%.

This research methodology, piloted with the Chinese migration study, allows for even deeper engagement of respondents and more expansive insights. Given the success of this study and the unique perspective it provides, Hamazaki Wong, RIWI, and Vivintel are exploring the prospect of conducting similar studies into other cultures interested in calling Canada home.

A copy of the research report is available upon request. A webinar will also be scheduled soon to review the research findings in greater detail, and its implications.


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