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  • Survey of the Canadian Consumer

    Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer is Canada’s authoritative single-source database for leading advertisers, agencies and media companies for timely consumer and audience insights. Our Survey of the Canadian Consumer is a comprehensive study that surveys 40,000+ Canadians 365 days a year against 60,000+ variables.

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  • Research Reports

    Vividata’s Research Reports provide comprehensive, neutral, strategic insights. Our reports take the time and guess work out of analysing complicated datasets so you can focus, get informed and make decisions.

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  • Custom Studies

    Custom studies by Vividata allow you to take a closer look at your audience or consumer. Vividata specialists in survey development, data-integration, data-fusion, and data analysis, help you navigate through the complex seas of survey research.

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  • Syndicated Studies

    Our syndicated studies arm you with information produced by our sound, trusted research practices. With our syndicated studies that are relevant to your industry, you can make data-driven decisions and prepare for future developments and changes in the market.

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  • Segmentations

    Vividata Segmentations provide users with an opportunity to have a better understanding of Canadians who share specific attributes.The segmentation models utilize a rich set of quantitative data based on behavioural and attitudinal questions.

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  • Software Solutions

    Vividata works with trusted software partners to provide you with the tools you need to analyse and leverage our database to its fullest capabilities.

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Ready to dig into the data?

Our reports will help you dig deeper into the consumers of your brand, and paint a vivid picture of the Canadian Consumer. Contact us today, to learn more about membership and purchasing our studies.


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