Vividata DRIVERS

From love, to wealth, to status, fitness and more, get data that helps you align your branding, advertising, and media buys to the key motivations your consumers resonate with most.


The most effective ads and media resonate with consumers in relevant ways

Offered in partnership with RMT (Research Measurement Technologies), and available through the SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer, Vividata DRIVERS help you profile Canadian consumers by the values that motivate them.

Key-in on 15 Universal Motivation States To Create More Effective Advertising

On top of the 60,000+ demographic, media, consumer and psychographic variables available in the SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer, Vividata DRIVERS lets you profile Canadians based on 15 key motivational states:

  • Self-Transcendence
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Love
  • Power
  • The Good Life
  • Heroism/Leadership
  • Wealth/Success
  • Status/Prestige
  • Fitness
  • Competency
  • Aspiration/Learning
  • Achievement
  • Belonging
  • Safety/Conservation

For example, your consumers might resonate with ideas of wealth and success, while consumers of your competitors might resonate with feelings of self-knowledge and belonging.

Understand the Specific Content That Shares The Same Motivations

With thousands of media titles available in the SCC – from TV shows and channels, to websites, newspapers and more – you can find and define specific programs and content that share motivational drivers similar to your target audience.

Build Brand and Media Strategies That Better Resonate With Your Consumers 

By aligning brand messaging with specific media that share similar motivational drivers to those of your consumer, you can build more complete and effective marketing campaigns proven to resonate with consumers on deeper, more meaningful levels.


Motivational States by Auto Brand Ownership

Using a correspondence analysis of motivational states tagged to owners of three different car brands*, we see that:

  • Chevrolet owners are more likely to consume TV content that aligns with American ideas, like Aspiration, Heroism/Leadership, Wealth/Success and Power
  • Toyota owners are more likely to consume TV content that aligns with progressive feelings, like The Good Life, Self-Transcendence/Enlightenment, Love, Achievement and Self-Knowledge
  • BMW owners are more likely to consume TV content that aligns with feelings of refinement, like Status/Prestige, Fitness, Security and Competency

* SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer Spring 2023, Canadians 18+ that over index (>120) on watching TV programs tagged with one or more Vividata Drivers, and live in a household with a Chevrolet, Toyota, or BMW brand vehicle.

“Vividata DRIVERS are the embodiment of RMT Motivations. In the Canada market, brands can now test cradle-to-grave management of brand motivations, in creative, in media, and in thinking about product improvements and innovations of every kind.”

Bill Harvey, Co-Founder, Research Measurement Technologies


Gain Key Insights Specific To Your Business With Custom Ad and Targeting Analysis

Maximize your advertising effectiveness with the help of RMT’s Driver specialists. Through a custom ad analysis, RMT can help you identify key Drivers in your ads versus your competitors, and even help with content development to ensure peak resonance. Or, run a targeting test to see what media would best fit your current ads based on the key Drivers the ads display.

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Dive Into the Data with Easy-to-Use Analysis Tools

All of our research studies – including the Survey of the Canadian Consumer – are available through Dapresy, Nielsen, and Telmar datamining platforms, letting you cut and slice the data to your needs, with ease.

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Have Us Build Custom Reports for You

Vividata offers custom analysis and reports built in-house by our insights team. Our reports take the time and guess work out of analysing exhaustive datasets so you can focus, get informed and make decisions.

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Go Deeper with Data Science And Direct Data Delivery

Leverage our robust datasets in combination with your own first party data and take insights to a new, deeper level through sophisticated data integration and data segmentation.

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