Digital Consumer Measurement

With a combination of passive digital measurement and survey research, we transform the digital lives of Canadians into new behavioural insights.


Online Behaviour, Offline Habits, Opinions and More, All in One Database

The SCC/Digital Database by Vividata® is a state of the art fusion of our digital consumer measurement panel, Metrica, with Vividata’s industry-trusted SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer.

Together, the database provides an unparalleled, holistic view of Canadians from what they do online, to what they shop for in-store, to what they watch at home, or even how they feel about themselves, in amazing detail.

Measure Online and Offline Consumer Behaviour

From leisure activities, to consumer habits, to media usage, and more, get a more complete look at the lives of Canadians both online and off.

Go In-depth on Consumer Mindset

Peek into the mindset of the Canadian consumer with powerful psychographic statements on topics like finances, personal appearance, technology, media use, automotive, and more.

Target to Greater Effect

Using a groundbreaking, world-class fusion methodology, you’ll see insightful variations in digital consumer preferences helping you segment and target in truer detail.


Cross Media Measurement Done Right

Since the launch of our first SCC/Digital Database in 2019, we’ve expertly fused millions of digital touchpoints from our digital measurement panel to the survey results of over 100,000 real people who have shared their media habits, purchasing preferences, opinions, plans for the future and more. It’s a process we continually strive to hone, improve and innovate on with every new release, to ultimately provide our members with data and insights they can bank on.


  • 12 months of passive and recall data collection fused together with the renowned multi-dimensional isotonic fusion methodology
  • A total 45,000+ participants (aged 18+)
  • Completion of a linkage survey by each digital panelist
  • National, provincial, and local market coverage in English and French
  • Demographic targets for gender, age, income, ethnic background, occupation, education (and more) for accurate and robust estimates


  • Enhanced demographics, including multicultural variables
  • Over 200,000 consumer elements
  • Over 4,000 digital properties
  • Ability to segment app vs. website visitors
  • Over 1,500 psychographic and lifestyles characteristics
  • Over 7,000 consumer and media brands
  • Pre-built consumer and audience segments
  • Cross-media and cross-platform audience data
  • Brand, product, and retail consumer information across all major product and service categories
  • Company rollups (e.g. Meta, Google, etc.)

Key Digital Audience Variables:

  • Websites Visited
  • Apps Used
  • Unique Visits per Day/Week/Month
  • Time Spent
  • Frequency of Visitation
  • Reach/Frequency Capabilities

Media Verticals:

  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Digital Publishers
  • Out of Home
  • Linear TV
  • Local Media
  • Print Publishers
  • Social
  • Streaming Radio/Audio
  • Streaming TV/Video

Consumer Verticals:

  • Alcohol
  • Automotive
  • Banking & Finance
  • Beverages
  • Business & Home Office
  • Children’s Products
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Cosmetics
  • Entertainment
  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery & Confectionary
  • Health & Wellness
  • Household Products
  • Home Electronics
  • Home Furnishings & Appliances
  • Home Improvement
  • Lottery, Gambling & Betting
  • Pets
  • Pharmacy
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Sports & Esports
  • Telco & Other Media Subscription Services
  • Thrift & Second-hand Purchases
  • Travel

How To Access Our Data

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Dive Into the Data with Easy-to-Use Analysis Tools

All of our research studies – including the Survey of the Canadian Consumer – are available through Dapresy, Nielsen, and Telmar datamining platforms, letting you cut and slice the data to your needs, with ease.

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Have Us Build Custom Reports for You

Vividata offers custom analysis and reports built in-house by our insights team. Our reports take the time and guess work out of analysing exhaustive datasets so you can focus, get informed and make decisions.

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Go Deeper with Data Science And Direct Data Delivery

Leverage our robust datasets in combination with your own first party data and take insights to a new, deeper level through sophisticated data integration and data segmentation.

Get Started

Reach out for a demo of our datasets, to get access, or learn more about our services.


“I have been using the SCC/Digital Database for a few months now to answer ad client questions and to bring forth insights to share with my team. I love being able to deliver insightful stories to our clients that answer challenging questions for their business. SCC/Digital provides in-depth digital behaviours along with other consumer characteristics of Canadians that guide our team in answering client inquiry's and making our team smarter.

Actionable insights power successful relationships with our partners, along with continued success for our broadcast and digital businesses.”

Andrea Elamad | Strategist, Research & Insights | Pelmorex Corp.

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