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With parents and students staying home during school lock-downs and social distancing requirements, educational websites and apps are experiencing unprecedented growth.

Schools at every level are directing students to specific online resources, and parents are relying on such educational resources to occupy and teach their children. 

To highlight this dependence, the following findings from Metrica showcase the growth in visitation to educational websites and apps over the past few months.

Metrica is Vividata’s digital measurement panel, capturing the complete picture of digital device usage in Canada.

Panelist Visitation to Educational Websites 

When compared to the middle of the school semester at the end of last year, traffic to educational websites has grown exponentially. With schools closed and no daycare options due to the pandemic, parents are increasingly relying on educational websites to occupy and teach their kids.

Average Visits to Educational Apps 

Along with educational websites, educational apps are also experiencing increased visitation. Metrica panelists that have used educational apps are visiting these apps twice as many times in April as they had in November. Visitation & Time Spent (an educational website) is experiencing unprecedented user traffic. From January to March, Khan Academy has experienced a 250% increase in visitation among Metrica panelists (in line with Khan Academy’s self reported growth in unique visits). Not only are more panelists visiting, they are also visiting more frequently and spending more time on the site.

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