Vividata’s online survey of over 40,000 Canadians a year provides cross-platform audience measurement for Canada’s magazines and newspapers, and data on consumer product purchasing and media usage.

Membership enables access to:

  • Audience measurement and readership metrics; Magazine & Newspaper readership by title across print, net digital, print or net digital (unduplicated), and by device (computer, tablet, smartphone). For a list of the titles we measure, click here.
  • Consumption of other media (web, television, radio, out of home, transit)
  • Market size and composition
  • Enhanced demographics and behavioural insights
  • Product and brand level data in more than 150 categories
  • National and Local Retailers
  • Competitive intelligence through custom research studies
Over 500 companies access our data to understand Canadian consumers’ relationship with magazines and newspapers, general interaction with media, their lifestyles and their purchase preferences and patterns.

Membership opportunities are available to all types of organizations, with each member category offering a range of products and services. Please contact us for details about membership via email

*Vividata’s Board of Directors must approve all membership applications.
*Software used for data analysis is distributed through our licensed software suppliers.