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Research: Audience attitude survey finds most trust established news brands

SUMMARY: A segmentations study of attitude toward media segments finds Canada’s most relevant news audiences all turn to newspaper brands for trusted, in-depth coverage.

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Research: Audience engagement metrics show paths to digital, print subscription revenue

SUMMARY: Understanding and addressing consumer preferences allows media brands to tailor the customer experience, ideally leading to increased subscriptions.

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Research: 90% of Canadians are aware of “fake news” but can’t agree on meaning

SUMMARY: The proliferation of “fake news” has led 79% of Canadians to question and verify what they read.

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Research: Readers are concerned personalised news keeps them in content silos

SUMMARY: Despite all the excitement over curating personalised content, research indicates readers may not want or like it. What place does personalised news have in this environment?

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February 27

Research: 48% of Canadians consume online news several times daily

SUMMARY: The recent research report, which likely can be extrapolated out for other countries, also indicates audiences trust news media brands.

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November 1

Research: The Importance of Trusted News Sources During an Election

SUMMARY: Research shows audiences hold the least amount of trust in digital-only news sources and social media. This mistrust goes up during an election season.

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July 25

Research: Lack of trust in media perpetuates belief in fake news

SUMMARY: New research from Vividata shows Canadians have differing opinions about what fake news is. Regardless, increased trust in a news brand helps mitigate the negative effects that fake news has.

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