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Canadian Newsbrands: Massive Footprint, Safe Environment

By Donald Williams, and Rahul Sethi

As appearing on the INMA blog on May 17, 2017.

Vividata, Canada’s authoritative, single source for audience measurement of media has just released their latest research. The new study surveyed 43,400 Canadians from January- December 2016.  As the media behaviour of consumers evolves, Vividata is keeping pace with timely tracking and reporting of the most current insights.

Multimedia Audience

This release includes updated cross-platform readership data for magazines and newspapers as well as expanded reporting on multi-media consumption, including social media, video, television networks and programming, radio stations, podcasts, direct mail, out-of-home and place-based media.

And when it comes to newspaper readership, we have broadened our measurement of newspapers’ digital content with more detailed questions on devices used to access, points of access (i.e. through a newspaper’s website, links via social media, search engines, apps, etc.), time spent, recency, content readership, day of access, readers by source of copy and more. Publishers now have the tools to analyze, with greater granularity, the reading behaviour of their audiences.

Multi-Platform Audience

Reach matters to advertisers, and newspapers in Canada reach 78% of the adult population every week. Newspaper printed copies reach 65%, and digital content now reaches 42% of adults in Canada each week. Dispelling the myth that papers are for seniors, Vividata reports that all ages are reading newspapers, with 70% weekly reach among 18-20 year olds increasing to 87% reach for the greatest generation (age 70+).

Insights: How Canadians are Reading Newspapers

Newspaper brands continue to reach 8 out of 10 Canadian adults each week. While print remains the most dominant platform for newspaper readers, 37 per cent read news in both print and digital formats Nearly 1 out of 4 readers read news content via print, computer and a mobile device in the average week. These 1 out of 4 readers have an income 11% higher than the national average, and are much more likely to be managers, professionals, or entrepreneurs.

While exclusive readership of print and digital varies by generation, cross-platform readership (meaning readership of both print and digital) is relatively consistent across all age groups.

Discoverability of newsbrands also varies by age. While Boomers most frequently navigate directly to a newspaper’s digital content, Millennials (and even Generation Z) more often access their news via links in social media.

Advertisers are challenged with placing their messages in an appropriate environment.  Newsbrands deliver a trusted source for news, and rank highest among all media as the primary source of local and city news.

Looking Forward

Vividata’s measurement is evolving to stay abreast of the changing media landscape. In 2017, we will be able to provide complete profiles of monthly visitors to hundreds of websites. And to better understand the current consumer’s mindset, we have updated 150 attitudinal and lifestyle statements. These questions are currently in-field and we look forward to sharing our results in our next post.


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