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Research: The 7 Different Ways Canadian Millennials and Boomers are Reading

By Tosha Kirk, and Rahul Sethi

As appearing on the INMA blog on March 5, 2017.

In today’s battle for media dollars, advertisers are now challenging digital media with issues of ad fraud and unreliable measurement. At the same time they are questioning the relevance of traditional media, especially print. Great media plans have always employed multiple media to maximize ad impact, and traditional media are critical components of a balanced advertising campaign.

For several years we’ve been hearing about the demise of traditional media, particularly “print media”.  While magazine and newspaper content is often “print first”, many publishers have embraced digital and adapted their distribution models. There’s no doubt that digital is here to stay, and the way it’s changed magazines and newspapers is profound.

Since the first Vividata survey went into field in January 2015, we have seen continued growth in digital and cross-platform readership to magazines and newspapers. Our syndicated single source survey also provides an in-depth understanding and validation of how and what Canadians are reading in print and digital media. As Canadians’ adopt digital versions of their favourite magazines and newspapers, Vividata is tracking and reporting this evolution for advertisers.

Millennials and Boomers Read Differently:

Vividata’s most recent release debunks the myth that Millennials don’t read printed magazines or newspapers, or that Boomers read only printed copies.

88% of Millennials (21-34) read newspapers or magazines.

  • Three quarters of Millennials read newspapers in the average week, and of those:
    • 77% read a printed copy
    • Over half (59%) used their mobile device to read
  • Over two thirds of Millennials read a magazine (average issue), and of these:
    • All but 14% read a print copy
    • Half of readers use their mobile to read

93% of Boomers (50-69) read newspapers or magazines.

  • Over 80% of Boomers read a newspaper in the average week, and of those:
    • Half read a digital version
    • Over a third read a newspaper on their mobile
  • 77% of Boomers read the average issue of a magazine, and of those:
    • One third read a digital version
    • 23% used their mobile

The Different Ways Canadians Read:

This analysis of Millennial and Boomer readership demonstrates the importance of using syndicated third party cross-platform data in optimizing magazine and newspaper channel investments.

 Vividata delivers validated metrics to Canadian publishers, advertisers, and buyers to understand audience behavior and cross-platform interaction.


 About Vividata:

Vividata provides cross-platform audience measurement for Canadian magazines and newspapers. Additionally, Vividata delivers a vast database of consumer demographics, media usage, lifestyle and attitudinal data, and product usage across 150+ categories. Our annual national sample of 40,000+ Canadians (age 12+) is updated quarterly as rolling 12 month data.

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