Media Audience Measurement

Target with data that delivers deeper, more complete profiles of Canadian consumers, both online and off.

Audience Metrics For Media

Digital Audience Measurement

From the 4,000+ websites and apps reported through our online measurement panel, Metrica, to the 60,000+ variables captured through the SCC | Survey of the Canadian Consumer by Vividata®, you can build a more complete picture of your online

Key Digital Audience Variables Measured:

  • Websites Visited
  • Apps Used
  • Unique Visits per Day/Week/Month
  • Time Spent
  • Frequency of Visitation
  • Devices Used
  • Activities Performed
  • Ad Effectiveness


Social Media Audience Measurement

Uncover your target market’s go-to source for social media, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Reddit or dozens more.

Key Social Media Variables Measured:

  • Social Media Websites Visited
  • Social Media Apps Used
  • Unique Visits per Day/Week/Month
  • Time Spent
  • Frequency of Visitation
  • Devices Used
  • Reasons for Using
  • Simultaneous Activities
  • Ad Effectiveness


Television Audience Measurement

Reach relevant Canadian consumers from coast to coast through their favourite TV shows, channels, on-demand TV behaviour, television streaming habits and more.

Key TV Viewership Variables Measured:

  • TV Shows Watched
  • TV Channels Watched
  • Recency
  • Frequency
  • Time Spent
  • Live vs Streaming vs On-Demand
  • Devices Used
  • Service Providers
  • Service Subscriptions
  • News Viewing
  • Sports Viewing
  • Binge Watching


Readership Measurement

The SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer is considered the currency for readership in Canada. From national to community newspapers to lifestyle-honed magazines, add the power of targeted advertising and communications to your media mix, all backed by detailed readership metrics.

Key Readership Variables Measured:

  • Magazines Read
  • National Newspapers Read
  • Regional Newspapers
  • Community Newspapers Read
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Readership of Publications
  • Digital Readership
  • Recency
  • Frequency
  • Time Spent
  • Sections Read
  • Where Purchased or Obtained
  • Subscriptions Purchased
  • Intention to Subscribe
  • Ad Effectiveness
  • Direct Mail Effectiveness


Radio Audience Measurement

Inform your radio media buy with the right audience in mind. Discover your target market’s top radio stations, as well as their listening habits and behaviours.

Key Radio Listenership Variables Measured:

  • Stations Listened To by Market
  • Recency
  • Frequency
  • Time Spent
  • Live vs Streaming vs Satellite
  • Devices Used
  • Preferred Content
  • Service Subscriptions
  • Ad Effectiveness
  • Podcast Listenership
  • Podcast Genres
  • Podcast Brands


Out-Of-Home Audience Measurement

From how often they take transit to the impression outdoor ads leave, help catch your target market’s on-the-go attention through the right out-of-home audience metrics.

Key Out-of-Home Audience Variables Measured:

  • Market Level OOH Exposure
  • Time Spent Travelling
  • In-Town Distance Driven
  • Public Transit Boardings
  • Public Transit Recency
  • Public Transit Frequency
  • OOH Seen by Type
  • Frequency of OOH Seen
  • Recency of OOH Seen
  • Ad Effectiveness


SCC | Study Of The Canadian Consumer

Create More Complete Audience Profiles Through 60,000+ Variables


Surveying 35,000+ Canadians, 365 days a year, Vividata’s SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer is Canada’s authoritative source for consumer and audience insights, helping you create audience profiles that include key consumer demographics, purchasing behavior, lifestyle habits, attitudes, opinions and more.

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Vividata’s specialists in survey development, data integration, data fusion, and data analysis, can help you navigate the complex seas of consumer research, ensuring you get the data and insights you need to reach potential and existing customers, more effectively.

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