Get the essential consumer and audience data you need to connect with consumers in relevant and meaningful ways.


Audience Measurement For Media & Publishers

Drive advertising sales and engage the right target audience with data that helps deliver deeper, more complete profiles of Canadian consumers, both online and offline.

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Consumer Insights and Measurement For Brands

Whether you’re looking into your current customers, potential customers, or how your brand compares to your competitors in the minds of Canadians, Vividata® can provide the consumer data and insights you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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Consumer Insights for Advertising Agencies

Give your clients’ brands or your new business pitches a strategic edge with data and insights that shine a light on Canadian consumer behaviour and media preferences.

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Data and Insights for Government

Profile and reach the Canadians who can benefit most from your government program with data and insights from a local, provincial, or Canada-wide perspective.

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Consumer Data for Academics

Vividata is proud to support the educators and institutions inspiring the future leaders in consumer data, research, marketing and more.

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How To Access Our Data

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Dive Into the Data with Easy-to-Use Analysis Tools

All of our research studies – including the Survey of the Canadian Consumer – are available through Dapresy, Nielsen, and Telmar datamining platforms, letting you cut and slice the data to your needs, with ease.

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Have Us Build Custom Reports for You

Vividata offers custom analysis and reports built in-house by our insights team. Our reports take the time and guess work out of analysing exhaustive datasets so you can focus, get informed and make decisions.

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Go Deeper with Data Science And Direct Data Delivery

Leverage our robust datasets in combination with your own first party data and take insights to a new, deeper level through sophisticated data integration and data segmentation.

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