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Vivintel's annual Canadian Cannabis Study provides understanding on medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers and their relationship with cannabis. This study will allow brands, media companies and advertising agencies to gain key insights into how Canadians consume and feel about cannabis, their potential consumption in the future, their relationship with brands that introduce cannabis products, and much more.

2018 Study

For more information on the inaugural Cannabis study, click here. 

2019 Study Methodology

Nationally representative surveying was done during March, 2019. This resulted in a total of just over 5,000 respondents (composed of cannabis users and nonusers). The Canadian Cannabis Study: Post-legalization Usage and Opinions data were then integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer (Spring 2019).

What's Included?


Consumption Habits

  • First usage post legalization
  • Recency and frequency of consumption
  • What prompted remedy/treatment/therapy usage
  • Current method of consumption and interest in other forms

Motivation To Consume

  • Remedy/Treatment/Therapy
  • Influence mood
  • Heighten senses
  • Creativity and concentration

How Obtained For Self

  • Sources use to obtain cannabis
  • Types purchased
  • Amount spent and purchase frequency by type
  • Factors influencing purchase

Opinions on Cannabis

  • Support or oppose legalization
  • Opinions on advertising, health benefits and infused products
  • Perception and effects on usage of brands launching cannabis products
  • Social acceptability and awareness

Effects of Consumption

  • Effectiveness of cannabis vs. modern medicine/treatment
  • Effects of cannabis on use of other medications
  • Effects of cannabis on other product usage

Potential Consumption

  • Likelihood to consume cannabis among non-users
  • Reasons for not consuming in the past
  • Preferred method of consumption
  • Motivation to consume

How will the data be available?

The following products are available for purchase:

  • PDF reports
  • Software access to a database that links the Canadian Cannabis Study to the larger Vividata Canadian Consumer Study

Want more details?

Please contact Tosha Kirk, Vice President of Client Services:
416.961.3205 Ext. 305

Check out the Reports for Sale!

Vividata has a number of cannabis research reports available for purchase, covering topics from consumption habits, opinions on legalization, purchase intent, and more!

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