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2020 News Updates

How Can Dashboards Empower Good Leadership?

Retailers Must Track E-Listening Habits to Stay Relevant

Millions of esports enthusiasts overlap with traditional sports fans

How do esports fandoms compare to traditional sports?

TV ads get noticed the most by sports/esports fans, says study

Female teams, esports and other growth areas for sports fans

Vividata partnering with Ipsos to launch mobile-first audience measurement system

Cannabis Retail Thrives on E-tail, Education, and Experience in Canada

Vividata and Ipsos team up on Canadian audience measurement

Vividata and Ipsos to launch mobile ad measurement in 2021

Vividata and Ipsos Launch Canadian Audience Measure

Vividata and Ipsos team up on Canadian audience measurement

Vividata, Ipsos expand research partnership

Vividata: Baby Boomers more likely to access digital newspaper content directly

Cannabis Standards Rely on Transparency, Compliance and Collaboration

NOW Magazine Print Readership Continues to Climb Furthering Opportunities to Monetize Through Digital Transformation

TikTok experiments further with shopping

Survey provides pre-Covid-19 snapshot of media consumption in Canada

Expected increase in delivery is coming to pass

Can police test drivers for impairment for cannabis based on odour alone?

The Daily Hit of cannabis financial news for March 30, 2020

Cannabis Standards Rely on Transparency, Compliance and Collaboration

Can Police Search Cars For Marijuana Based On Odor Alone?

Here’s Why Canadians Are Choosing Edibles Over Smoking Marijuana

Legal Marijuana - Now That the Smoke Has Cleared

Challenges and Opportunities for Cannabis Retail in Canada Post-Legalization

How do Chinese consumers shop in Canada?

Has streaming actually changed the way we consume content?

Vividata switches it up at the board level

Cannabis Technology Accelerates Access To Consumer And Medical Research

Chinese Consumers Drive Luxury Retail Growth in Canada: Study

2019 News Updates

Vividata, Manifold Link for Canadian Consumer Insights

Vividata strikes new partnership for greater granularity

Brands get out early for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

The opportunity in Singles’ Day (and other Chinese shopping festivals)

As Singles Day approaches, Vivintel releases a study of Chinese consumers

Canadians find a replacement for pain medications: cannabis

The Next Big Thing in measurement

Culture shifts in global cannabis

This Study Looks At How Canadians Use Cannabis For Health And Wellness

Vividata introducing passive measurement panel

Vividata launches “game-changing” passive mobile measurement panel in Canada

Vividata, RealityMine, Ipsos and Delvinia launch passive panel in Canada

Vividata goes cross-platform with new passive measurement panel

How have cannabis attitudes changed post-legalization?

Vivintel breaks down Canadian esports market

Print magazines strong, but millennials could shake things up: study

How does e-sports’ reach compare to traditional sports?

Where do consumers notice ads the most?

2018 News Updates

The Role of Magazines at Retail: A Reader-and-Buyer Study

Nearly half of Canadian newspaper readers view articles on mobile, says study

Globe readership grows, most read in Canada

How the Lethbridge Herald is adapting to a changing media landscape

Comscore and Vividata Link for Canadian Launch

2017 News Updates

Pellegrini Named CEO of Not-for-Profit Vividata

Globe’s audience largest in Canada: survey

The Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest hold strong at the top for Vividata

2016 News Updates

The Globe has Canada's largest weekly newspaper readership: cross-platform study

Vividata gives Canadian newspapers and magazines a fresh way to measure audiences

A one-year picture of Canadian readership

Vividata reveals readership stats on Canadian media

Vividata releases first year results


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