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Why Vividata®

Consumer Measurement Done Right

We believe that great insights start with quality  measurement. As a source of high-quality, syndicated, nationally representative research leveraging a large sample of Canadians (whether survey or passive), Vividata provides trusted consumer estimates to Canada’s leading brands.

With a sample of over 35,000 Canadians, Vividata’s flagship offering, the SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer, is one of the largest consumer studies in Canada and acts as the foundation for all the additional research we conduct. In many cases, this additional syndicated and Custom Research is fused to the SCC by our specialists in data fusion to expand the variables available for analysis, while maintaining the integrity of the dataset.

Why our clients rely on us:

  • Large and representative sample reflecting the diversity of Canadians for every research project we conduct
  • National, provincial and local market reporting
  • Insights across all major consumer categories and media to inform marketing and business strategy
  • Frequently updated datasets
  • Used by marketers and researchers as truth sets for validation and calibration


Industry Input in Everything We Do

Vividata is a not-for-profit, tripartite industry organization with research roots dating back over 40 years. Governed by a Board of Directors made up of key executives from media companies, agencies, and consumer brands, and a Research Committee consisting of insights specialists from across industries, Vividata provides unparalleled research that meets the needs of marketers and researchers.

Additional specialized committees also drive new initiatives and provide valuable direction that ensure our research is current and anticipates the needs of our clients.

Trusted Source of Data and Insights

Since our inception, consumer brands, agencies and media companies have relied on our rich demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, lifestyle, purchase intent, and behavioral data to drive advertising buys, product development, and media programming decisions.

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