About Metrica

Created by Vividata®, Metrica is our passive measurement panel of digital consumers, capturing what Canadians do on their digital devices in detail.

What we do

Passive Digital Measurement of Canadians

Metrica is a high-quality digital panel of Canadians over the age of 18, balanced and representative with nested targets for gender and age, and soft targets for regions.

Through a mix of privacy compliant metering technology embedded into the devices of our opted-in, incentivised panel of participants and intelligent data science, Metrica captures roughly 2 million digital observations – across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices – every month.

By transforming those observations into informative digital metrics, and then fusing those metrics to the Study of the Canadian Consumer, we get a more complete picture of the Canadian consumer, both online and off.


Digital Consumer Measurement Meets Real World Consumer Behaviour

Vividata’s SCC/Digital database simplifies the complexity of digital behaviour through a state-of-the-art data fusion known as the Multi-dimensional Isotonic technique. This game-changing approach successfully maintains key relationships across thousands of variables captured in Vividata’s authoritative SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer when fused with the advanced passive digital measurement of Metrica.

Together, the database provides an unparalleled, holistic view of Canadians from what they do online, to what they shop for in-store, to what they watch at home, or even how they feel about themselves, in amazing detail.

How To Access Our Data

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Dive Into the Data with Easy-to-Use Analysis Tools

All of our research studies – including the Survey of the Canadian Consumer – are available through Dapresy, Nielsen, and Telmar datamining platforms, letting you cut and slice the data to your needs, with ease.

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Have Us Build Custom Reports for You

Vividata offers custom analysis and reports built in-house by our insights team. Our reports take the time and guess work out of analysing exhaustive datasets so you can focus, get informed and make decisions.

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Go Deeper with Data Science And Direct Data Delivery

Leverage our robust datasets in combination with your own first party data and take insights to a new, deeper level through sophisticated data integration and data segmentation.

Get Started

Reach out for a demo of our datasets, to get access, or learn more about our services.

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