Vividata Announces Appointment of Pat Pellegrini as Incoming President and Chief Executive Officer

Pellegrini brings 20+ years of consumer research and audience measurement experience to advance Vividata research leadership with an immediate focus to grow passive digital measurement scope.


Toronto, ON, November 9, 2017 – Vividata, Canada’s authoritative source for insights on multi-media and consumer behavior, and the leading provider of cross platform audience measurement for publishers, today announced the appointment of Pat Pellegrini to the position of President and CEO.

An established business executive with a Ph.D. in Geography and Quantitative Research Methods, Pellegrini’s experience spans diverse consumer and audience measurement research roles in Canada and the United States.  A recognized and admired leader with a strong global network, Pellegrini will transition to his assignment in early December, working closely with the existing Vividata team and outgoing President and CEO, Sara Hill.

“Under Pat’s leadership, Vividata will deliver and advance our world class research mission, while expanding our mandate to grow our scope of passive digital measurement,” said Kirby Miller, Vividata Chair and Senior Vice-President and General Manager at House & Home Media.

“Joining Vividata presents the ideal opportunity to combine my commitment to methodological excellence with my passion for the validation and application of passive measurement technology to the increasingly dynamic media landscape,” said Pellegrini.  “I’m looking forward to returning to Canada to contribute to the many enhancements that the team at Vividata has already implemented.  I pride myself as a collaborative, research- and product-minded leader who gets things done.  A key focus will be to help Vividata deliver industry-accepted passive digital measurement and comprehensive cross platform measurement.”

Pellegrini was most recently President and Chief Research Officer for Simmons Research (formerly part of Consumer Insights, Experian), following his time with GfK North America as Executive Vice President, Media & Entertainment/Digital Market Intelligence.  His most recent leadership role in Canada was Vice President, Content & Product Management for The Weather Network/MétéoMédia at Pelmorex Media.  Before joining Pelmorex, he held an international research leadership position with comScore.

Pellegrini is a frequent participant, author and speaker at prominent international conferences including the Publisher & Data Research Forum (PDRF), AMEC, ESOMAR, Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) Re:Think & Audience Measurement events, ASI TV & Radio, I-COM Global Summit, TMRE, eMetrics, and the Media Insights & Engagement event, amongst others.

“Pat brings an exceptional record of papers, presentations and awards to his credits, leading to international recognition as an expert in digital and traditional media research, audience measurement and consumer research,” added Phillip Crawley, Vice Chair of Vividata and Publisher and CEO, The Globe and Mail. “Pat is well equipped to lead Vividata to the next level. He will be an inspirational leader with widespread respect in our data-hungry industry.”

Pellegrini’s appointment completes the transition objectives related to the amalgamation of PMB Print Management Bureau and NADBank, led by industry veteran and current Vividata CEO and President Sara Hill.  Over the past three years, under Hill’s leadership, and working closely with the Vividata Board, Members and Research Partners, the team created industry leading research methodologies.  The Vividata Board thanks Sara Hill for her leadership and positioning the organization for future success.

About Vividata:

Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source for insights on multi-media and consumer behaviour. It is the leading provider of cross platform audience measurement for publishers. The syndicated research uses a probability-based sample of over 40,000 individuals collected over 52 weeks, with results released quarterly. A tripartite, not-for-profit organization, Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian publishers, agencies and advertisers. To learn more, please visit


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Senior Vice-President and General Manager House & Home Media

Vividata releases study of over 43,000 Canadians
Report on what Canadians are reading, thinking, buying and doing

Toronto, ON, Wednesday, October 18, 2017 – Vividata, ( Canada’s authoritative cross platform media study, released results today covering print and digital audiences for 70 magazines and 70 newspapers. New to the 2017 Q2 release are data on websites and apps, commuter travel, and community newspaper readership in Vancouver.

Today’s data release from Vividata is based on fieldwork from July, 2016 through to June, 2017, with a total sample size of 43,356 Canadians age 12+. The Vividata study profiles a broad range of consumers across various regions and demographics.

The latest study confirms that Canadians continue to read newspapers and magazines at levels consistent with past results. The findings underline the continued importance of newspapers and magazines to Canadians, diversification of the reader experience and the enduring value of print for many readers. Results include a total media profile of Canadians, including what they are viewing, reading, watching and searching while at home, at work, and in transit.

“With the ongoing evolution of Vividata as a cross-platform media study, we are tracking media behaviour beyond newspaper and magazine readership to include websites, apps and social media, as well as out of home and broadcast media,” shared Sara Hill, president and chief executive officer of Vividata. “We are proud to lead the industry in sharing the most current insights about cross-platform consumer behaviour.”

What’s New From the Vividata 2017-Q2 Research:

  • Eighty new psychographic statements probe attitudes related to communications and media, advertising, finance, food, automotive, shopping, travel, personal appearance, and news.
  • Community newspapers are the latest addition to the scope of the Vividata study, with four Vancouver publications now reported.
  • For the first time, Vividata has surveyed visits in the past month to 155 websites and apps, including automotive, travel, entertainment, shopping, finance, news, sports, weather, search engines and social. Now a complete profile of website visitors can be built from a single research source
  • A full suite of out-of-home data metrics are reported including new commuter data covering modes of travel, travel time and distance.

Magazine Readership Diversifies

Overall magazine readership remains consistent at 76 per cent of the population with 31 per cent of Canadians reading with a digital device. The proportion of magazine readers choosing a digital platform continues to grow (+11 per cent over the last six months). Almost 60 per cent of digital reading is on mobile, with Smartphones accounting for the majority.

Newspaper Readership Shows Resiliency

Seventy seven per cent of Canadians in major markets read a daily newspaper each week, either in print or online. Vividata results confirm that 56 per cent of these newspaper readers access newspaper content via digital devices and the vast majority of these are reading on a mobile device. In line with declining print circulation, a reduction in readership of daily printed newspapers has been partially offset by an increase in daily digital readership since the last quarterly report.

“Moving into 2018, Vividata will expand our measurement of digital media as part of our ongoing commitment to be the trusted, go-to source for consumer intelligence in Canada,” said Kirby Miller, Vividata Chair and Senior Vice-President, and General Manager at House & Home Media.

The next release from Vividata will be in January 2018 and incorporate results for October, 2016 through September, 2017.

About Vividata:

Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source of cross platform audience data, print and digital, for magazines and newspapers. The single source survey also provides a comprehensive media and product usage database. Vividata delivers a timely picture of consumer behaviour and market changes at the national and local market level. This research, conducted through a probability-based sample, reports on 140+ media publications with a rolling 52-week survey, released quarterly. A tripartite, not-for-profit organization, Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian publishers, agencies and advertisers.

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