Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source of audience data, print & digital, for magazines and newspapers. Founded in 2014, Vividata is the amalgamated organization of two pre-eminent media measurement bodies, NADbank +PMB.

Vividata’s single source survey provides cross –platform audience measurement for 70+ consumer magazines and 70+ daily newspapers. The annual national sample of 40,000+ Canadians (age 12+) surveyed across 50+ markets, is released quarterly as rolling 12 month data. In addition to providing 360° readership metrics, Vividata delivers a comprehensive database of consumer demographics, media usage, lifestyle and attitudinal data and product usage across 150+ categories.

A tripartite, not-for-profit organization, Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian publishers, agencies and advertisers. Vividata is committed to providing our 500+ members with up to date audience research.

Our Mandate

  1. To assist in the buying and selling of
    newspaper and magazine advertising.
  2. To deliver single source, cross-platform
    audience measurement.

Our Study

Using a robust survey of over 40,000 Canadians, we provide our members with cross-platform measurement of magazines and newspapers, comprehensive media usage data, enhanced demographics, behavioural insights, and brand/product/retail consumer information.


Tripartite organization, 500+ members


Rolling 52 week Survey sample

Probability-based Recruitment

  1. Telephone recruitment, online survey
  2. Recent Reading (AIR)
  3. Hybrid data collection of both telephone and online survey
  4. Interviewing 365 days a year

Readership Measurement

70+ consumer magazines, 70+ national/local newspapers


Net Digital
Print or Net Digital (Unduplicated)
By device (print, computer, tablet, smartphone)

Qualitative Metrics

Time spent reading, # of issues read, degree of interest

Consumer Insights

Enhanced demographics
(i.e. age, gender, language, income, education, etc.)
Media exposure data
Psychographics/socio-economic data
Product usage and Lifestyle segments, Brands, Retailers, Media quintiles


40,000+ Canadians age 12+ / annual
National and 50+ local markets (English/French)

Data Release

Quarterly data reports

Data Delivery

Desktop software (Nielsen IMS, Telmar HMS, Kantar Media)

Exposure to Other Media


Accessed in past month
Time spent
Activities by device and frequency
Online purchasing
Websites where purchased
Social media activities


Yesterday viewing
Average number of weekdays watched
Time spent
Programs and channels
Online viewing
Binge watching
Online streaming
Time spent

Community Newspapers

Readership in past month and past 7 days
Print or digital
Time spent
Simultaneous activity


Yesterday listening
Average number of weekdays listened to
Stations listened to by market
Time spent
Format and content
Satellite radio
Where listened
Listening by device

Out of Home

Distance traveled in town/city/suburb in past 7 days and in past 4 weeks
Shopping mall visits in past 7 days and in past 4 weeks
Use of public transit in past 4 weeks
Number of single public transit trips in past 7 days
(Montreal/Toronto and surrounding communities)
Number of subway trips in past 7 days
Number of single bus and streetcar trips in past 7 days

*Simultaneous media usage


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